Momtok Gossip Reddit Story About Utah's Taylor Frankie Paul and Brayden Rowley, Did They Swing With One Another?

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The internet, especially Momtok Gossip on Reddit, has been taken over by rumors about Taylor Frankie Paul cheating with Brayden Rowley. Currently, these are only rumors which have not been clarified by any party involved.

Let's find out more about the social media influencer's adultery rumors.

Taylor rose to fame with her successful career as an influencer on TikTok. She has garnered an enormous number of followers worldwide with her enthralling online presence. That has also made her vulnerable to rumors.

She has announced that she, along with her husband, will end their marriage with divorce, but the cause of this sudden divorce has been revealed to the public by neither Taylor nor her husband, Tate.

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Momtok Gossip Reddit Story About Taylor Frankie Paul And Brayden Rowley Cheating

The place on Reddit where Taylor's cheating rumor is spreading like a wildfire is Momtok Gossip. This particular Reddit group has many posts related to Taylor and her alleged affair with Brayden.

People are also sharing pictures of Taylor with a guy who they claim to be Brayden, but that has not been verified. There are also Frankie's social media stories that are no more available on her official accounts.

Taylor clicking selfie with her partner.
Taylor clicking selfie with her partner.

This Reddit group has been made primarily to have a gossip, and that is what they are doing. Taylor has not given a clear answer about her alleged affair with a Utah man. Thus, people are wondering about the truth.

Brayden Rowley- Alleged Utah Swinger

As per rumors, Brayden is the man with whom Taylor cheated on her husband; people believe he is from Utah. There is only limited information about him available to the public.

Before the internet was blown up by the rumors of Taylor's alleged affair with Brayden, he was unknown to the public. It was only after the rumors he came into the limelight, and people started to search for him.


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Many people also accuse Taylor of staging everything as a popularity stunt. These people can be found on her TikTok comments saying the same things. Thus, people doubt her about the rumors too.

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Brayden Rowley Wife

It has been reported that Brayden is a married man, and he has a wife in Utah, as per Ontrednews. However, there are no details about her known to the public because she recently came into the limelight.

More information can be expected as time passes because Taylor usually uploads her life activities on her social media to update her followers. She is on TikTok under the handle name taylorfrankiepaul.

On TikTok, she has over 3 million videos and can be seen uploading videos daily. She recently uploaded her reaction to Reddit and her moving out.

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