Moka Blast Music Producer Net Worth On Love After Lockup

The rapper has his own recording studio called Forever Getting Cash Recording Studio
The rapper has his own recording studio called Forever Getting Cash Recording Studio( Source : instagram )

Moka Blast has a net worth of $3 million dollars. Moka Blast makes his earnings as the music producer of rapper Montana Millz

He is one of the reputed names in the world of rappers who has worked with groundbreaking artists such as Joell Ortiz, Fred The Godson and Styles P. 

Music producer Moka is commonly known as Lydell Birch. He was born on September 22, 1979, on the island of Trinidad and Tobago in a torturous household with a Latino father who was abusive towards him and his mother.

Hence they ran away to the USA when Moka was just 11. 

After completing high school at Herbert H Lehman High School in New York, the rapper enrolled at Buffalo State University, studying communications and media studies.

But his time in New York was not as smooth as he and his mother had hoped. Hence, he worked part-time in a local barbershop to help his mother.

Currently, Moka works as a music manager for his friend Montana Millz to restart his life in the music industry. 

Moka Blast Net Worth As A Music Producer

Per music producer Moka Blast has a net worth of $3 million. Besides, his income is further increased by his barbershop franchise named 2Hansum.

Initially, Moka started his career by writing rap songs, as this was his only best option due to his constant stay in prison for his drug activity.

Meanwhile, he worked part-time at the local barber shop, where he learned to cut hair under his mentor. 

Along the way, the rapper progressed in the music industry due to his perseverance. He seeked for better opportunities until finding breakthrough work with famous artist Rick Ross in 2006. 

Gradually, his music career took an inclination when he was finally endorsed by the legendary rapper Jadakiss who invested in his unique talent and placed him with similar other up-and-coming artists. 

Lydell Birch aka Moka was born on September 22, 1979, in Trinidad and Tobago
Lydell Birch aka Moka was born on September 22, 1979, in Trinidad and Tobago( Source : instagram )

After the rapper began to succeed, he was compared to classical artists such as 50 Cent and LL Cool J, who were the inspiration while Birch was growing up.

Then he established his first music recording house, Forever Getting Cash Recording Studio, in Las Vegas and New York. The studio has been established to support old and new artists in the field of rap music. 

Besides, Lydell Birch also opened a national barbershop franchise called 2 Hansum Barbershop, which he established in Las Vegas. Other than that, he also owns Fly Guy Committee Media Group.

The company is a multimedia group providing services to artists, including music production, public relations, tour management and consultations. Besides that, he also sells his music on Apple Music and Amazon Music, which helps him earn his net worth. 

Moka Blast Also Works As Montana Millz Manager

Moka from Love after lockup works with musician and tv personality Montana Millz as his record producer. 

Montana Millz, aka Michael Persaud, is married to his wife, Justine Persaud, and the pair are on their way to parenthood. But Moka, his music producer and manager, has hindered the couple's relationship. 

Moka wants him to leave his wife, Justine, as he wants Montana Millz to be known as a single music artist.

Meanwhile, his wife is also not happy about Moka's demand. 

Though Moka grudgingly accepts to let keep Michael's relationship with Justine, he wants his wedding ring out during his performances in the Las Vegas show. 

Despite hating Moka's demand, Justine is going to Las Vegas to support her husband and what other things accept in the coming days. 

The record producer, Moka also works as a manager for rapper Montana Millz
The record producer, Moka also works as a manager for rapper Montana Millz( Source : instagram )

Michael has known the record producer for a long time and even went to prison for his felony. Moka had never turned his back on him for any trouble he had been into. 

So, he has turned to his long-time friend Moka to start himself from scratch for musical aspirations.

After spending his time in prison, he wanted to leave his path behind and start fresh in music. And there is no better way than turning to the music industry, with which he is very familiar.

Moka Blast On Love After Lockup - Fans Reaction

Moka Blast from Love After Lockup has been adamant about maintaining Michael's unwedded image, and fans are weirded out by Moka's weird request. 

But Moka did not want Montana to be with his current wife, Justine. This has led to a heated argument between them.

Though Michael didn't leave his wife as his manager had instructed, he had to put his ring down during his performance that they would start in Las Vegas.

This caused fans to be furious with Michael's manager. 

Montana with his wife Justine who Moka wants Millz to leave.
Montana with his wife Justine who Moka wants Millz to leave.( Source : instagram )

Many fans have come up on Twitter to address the situation where Michael has to leave his wife for re-entrance into the music industry. Many are accusing Birch of being homosexual towards Michael.

One of the tweets also addressed that Birch was rude to Justine. 

While on Reddit, one of the commenters said that Moka was a hypocrite who wanted Michael to remove his family photo, but he is putting photos of him and his daughter. 

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