Model Francia James Franco Instagram Pics And Photos: Biografia

Model Francia James Franco caused a quiet stir with her Instagram pics. The nutcracker stunt has made her create headlines today. Stay with us to learn more about the 'Nutcracker.'

A Playboy model stripped down in a weird holiday-themed prank and body painted herself to appear like the Nutcracker.

The consequence? She was thrown out of the mall for the daring stunt.

Francia James, a model with over nine million Instagram followers, stood in the middle of a Florida shopping mall in only her underpants and some festive paint to throw out nuts to passers-by.

Her costume, or lack thereof, finally led to her being ejected.

Model Francia James Franco Instagram Pics Explored

Let's explore Model Francia James Franco Instagram through the pics she has posted.

The model wore knee-high boots, a top hat, and a golden staff to recreate the Christmas figure, which she completed with body paint and beautiful diamonds.

On Instagram, James has over 9 million followers, and her video had almost 2 million views.

Many fans enjoyed the show and expressed their delight in the comments area.

The act was a parody of No Nut November, a one-month online abstinence challenge in which participants refrain from orgasming.

She recorded everything and shared it on Instagram, where it rapidly went viral, garnering over around 2 million views.

Francia James Franco Biografia (Bio)

Francia is described as a 'Playboy model' by the New York Post. Meanwhile, she describes herself as a 'comedic content creator' and a 'fitness model' on her Facebook profile.

She is a Colombian native who now resides in Miami.

With over nine million followers on Instagram, Francia is exceptionally well-known.

Each of her postings has received hundreds of likes, and the majority of them feature daring photoshoots.

The provocative star's prank looked to entertain several guys, but it displeased a man who soon got on the scene.

The man who happened to be the mall's security asked her to leave because of her clothing, or lack thereof.

Francia James Franco Age Reveal

As per various online sources, the infamous model Francia James Franco is 30 years of age this year.

However, her exact birth date is unknown. 

Francia's nutcracker act wasn't her first public appearance.

The content creator published an Instagram photo in February 2015 in which she and another woman dressed up as Na'vi from the film Avatar.

She also became famous in 2019 for another video in which she was seen stroking an elephant.

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