Mitch Glew Wife Danielle Glew and Children Support Him On His Rock The Block Journey

 Mitch Glew and his partner Danielle Glew in Vail, Colorado
Mitch Glew and his partner Danielle Glew in Vail, Colorado( Source : instagram )

Mitch Glew wife Danielle Glew is a real estate agent and interior design specialist. Mitch and Daniella have two children.

Mitch showed interest in the building and craft at a very young age as his family owned a successful high-end building and development company.

He was born in Australia and moved to the United States in 2007. He has since worked as a licensed contractor in California for 15 years.

In 2002 mitch graduated from The University of Orimbah and majored in Carpentry and Joinery.

He moved to London in 2005 and worked as a Site Supervisor.

Mitch has appeared in an HGTV show called "Fix My Flip." His work in the team was to help host Page execute her renovation plan so that clients can make a profit from the project.

Mitch Glew's Wife Danielle Is A Realtor

Mitch Glew and wife Danielle Glew have two childre. The couple has been married for 14 years.

Mitch and Danielle established their company, Glew Build, in 2009. They run the company as a team.

Danielle was born and raised in California to an entrepreneurial household. She graduated in 2006 from the University of Southern California and majored in B.A. Communication.

Mitch and his wife Danielle enjoying their vacation
Mitch and his wife Danielle enjoying their vacation( Source : instagram )

She was highly influenced by her parents, who worked as Real State Brokers and Developers. After graduating from the university, she established a partnership with the top-level selling real estate companies in LA South Bay.

She worked hard for 10 years for the company to help them produce $150 million and make it the top-producing team in America.

Her specialty is understanding the emotional value and making a return on investment while making capital improvements to customers' homes.

Mitch and Danielle have 20 years of combined experience which helps in building trust towards their clients.

They also partner with Glew Build Australia, and they occasionally travel to Australia to gain inspiration from international design concepts.

Mitch And Danielle Have Two Children

Mitch Glew has two children. His first child is his daughter Finley and his second child is a son.

They frequently post their children's pictures on their social media. In 2022 Mitch posted their picture with his wife and children having fun.

Mitch his son and daughter during their sport day in school
Mitch his son and daughter during their sport day in school( Source : instagram )

He also shared a post when his daughter won a prize in a sport at her school. Danielle has her social media private and likes to keep her private life away from the public.

Their children are all grown up and are studying in elementary school.

Mitch Is Page Truner's Right Hand Man

The show Fix my Flip is about homeowners who are stuck or losing money. Page Truner then shows up to renovate their houses.

She helps them renovate their house in exchange for a partnership and profit share. Page Truner is an expert home flipper and host of the show Fix my Flip.

Mitch and the team member of Rock the Block
Mitch and the team member of Rock the Block( Source : instagram )

She has a team that helps her bring her client business back to track to make money. Page and Mitch are also stars of Rock the Block show, a competition series that airs on HGTV in March 2023.

Currently, the show "Rock the Block" is premiering its season 4 on 6 March 2023, which will also be also available on Discovery+.

In the show, the competitor will get a budget of about $250,000 to renovate 5000-square-foot properties.

Their job is to transform the house into a luxurious home and the winner will win the ultimate bragging right.

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