Miriam Haart's Net Worth Comes From More Than Just Her Work As A Television Host

Miriam Haart posts another summer picture on her Instagram
Miriam Haart posts another summer picture on her Instagram( Source : instagram )

Fans are curious about the net worth of Miriam Haart since she has many professional titles under her name. Haart became popular from her appearance in My Unorthodox Life. 

The popular Netflix hit series will release its second season on December 2, 2022. It centers around the life of Julia Haart and her family's life. 

What Is Miriam Haart Net Worth?

Miriam Haart has become a well-known personality because of her appearance in a hit reality Tv series, My Unorthodox Life. Besides being a TV personality, she is also an engineer, teacher, entrepreneur, speaker, and influencer. 

Despite her young age, she teaches at Standford University and has become a big name on the internet. Many sources, like Starsoffline, cited her net worth of $500k.

She is rich, fashionable, and highly educated in computer science. She is the daughter of Julia Haart, a fashion designer and the CEO of Elite World Group.

She often goes on vacation and travels to many places, which can be seen in her IG posts. While there may not be details about her fortune, she is also into charity work.

Miriam Haart on trip in Israel with her friends
Miriam Haart on trip in Israel with her friends( Source : instagram )

According to her website, she currently develops NFTs, some of which have raised funds to support pro-choice movements. She shared her first journey to NFTs and said Roe V Wade made her start creating NFTs. 

Her blood boiled with anger when she learned that the supreme court would reverse Roe V Wade. She shared that she grew up in a community that raised daughters to become wives or mothers. She did not know of the outside world until she was 13 when her mother escaped the community. 

Upon knowing that her rights were being taken away, she wanted to use her technical and design abilities to produce an NFT collection where all profits go to pro-abortion organizations. Not only did she want to promote women's reproductive rights, but as a woman in crypto, she also wanted to draw other women into this field.

Miriam Haart and her sister in Spain
Miriam Haart and her sister in Spain( Source : instagram )

Her NFT collection provides women with tools to establish crypto wallets. She said Cuteri (NFT) is a movement and her stance and a way of showing the world that she escaped and is never going back, as per MsMagazine.

Likewise, Miriam hosts a podcast named, Faking It. This podcast aims to empower women in all aspects of their lives, both in the bedroom and out of it.

The influencer/ tv personality discusses everything from entrepreneurship and financial literacy to sexuality and believing in yourself. The website says, "Faking It is about adapting the growth mindset and setting yourself free from your own limitations."  

Four Ways Miriam Haart Makes Her Money

Miriam is an engineer, teacher, speaker, influencer, entrepreneur, and Tv personality. She is 22 years old and is already quite more successful than many of her age. She is involved in many professional work that helps her make her wealth. 

1. Teacher At Standford University

Miriam became a co-instructor of CS11: How to Make VR, a class on creating virtual reality apps with the Unity game engine, a platform for producing applications, when she was just 19 years old. After graduating from high school early, she went to the Make School, a computer science-focused institution in San Francisco.

Miriam Haart with her mother Julia Haart at Stanford University
Miriam Haart with her mother Julia Haart at Stanford University( Source : instagram )

She learned iOS development, VR programming, and machine learning in Make School. She applied at Standford because she wanted to be near Silicon Valley, where big tech companies like Facebook and Google have their home. She is both student and a teacher at the university.

Talking about her first teaching experience, she shared that even though she was just 18, people really respected her since she had a knowledge base and could guide the class and help them learn, writes Standford Daily.

2. Co-founder of Eazitt

Miriam is a co-founder of Eazitt. It is a decentralized consumer goods delivery network and digital shopping platform that provides African consumers with the quickest and most affordable store-to-door delivery in Africa. 

3. App Developer

She was a data science intern at Yewno, an AI business, and she created several significant applications, including Norma, Blaze, and Recyclable, some of which have now become startups. Her primary concentration is on creating apps for underrepresented populations.

Batsheva Haart, Miriam Haart, Julia Haart, and Brooke Jaffe attended BlogHer 21 Biz on October 21, 2021 in Brooklyn, New York
Batsheva Haart, Miriam Haart, Julia Haart, and Brooke Jaffe attended BlogHer 21 Biz on October 21, 2021 in Brooklyn, New York( Source : gettyimages )

She has been passionate about computer science since she was nine. She decided to make an app when she was 13 years old but did not know how to do it. Thus, she searched "how to" in Google and Youtube, and her journey to becoming an engineer started there. She learned about programming along the way through app development. 

Her first app is named Ateres. She made the app for her school with the same name, which had calendars and schedules for the students, which were basic, but everyone found it helpful. 

4. Cast In My Unorthodox Life

Miriam is the daughter of Julia Haart, a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and author. In 2021, My Unorthodox Life, an award-nominated hit reality Tv series by Netflix released that centered around the life of Julia and her family. It shows how Julia, a former ultra-Orthodox Jew, lives their new non-religious lifestyle in Manhattan. 

Miriam Haart on My Unorthodox Life
Miriam Haart on My Unorthodox Life( Source : usmagazine )

While Miriam did not grow up watching reality TV shows, she said she now loves it since she is cast in a reality Tv show. The second season of the show is premiering on December 2, 2022. 

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