Who Is Mike Bossy Wife Lucie Bossy? Family Details As The NHL Hall Of Famer Passed Away

Mike Bossy is married to Lucie Bossy, and they appear to be similar in terms of secrecy, as they haven't divulged much about their personal lives. 

When Mike Bossy was 14, he met his future wife, Lucie Creamer, working the snack bar at the rink where he was playing; they married on July 23, 1977.

Mike is a private person who avoids discussing his personal life in public. As a result, there isn't a lot of information about Lucie. We recently learned that Lucie is well-known due to his husband, Mike.

Who Is Mike Bossy Wife Lucie Bossy? 

Lucie Bossy is the wife of Mike Bossy, a professional ice hockey player. She is from Canada.

She was thrust into the spotlight as soon as she married. However, Mike has kept his wife's identity a secret.

He appears to be a reclusive individual who despises public displays of affection. Lucie also appears to be someone who avoids disclosing personal information to the press.

Her profession is unknown, although she could be a housemaker based on the facts available.

Mike Bossy Death Cause -Rumor The NHL Hall Of Famer Passed Away At The Age Of 65

Since April 3, 2022, rumors about former professional ice hockey player Mike Bossy's death have circulated on social media, with some fans paying tribute to Mike and others seeking the truth.

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, the 64-year-old Hockey Hall of Famer has stood down from his post as a TVA Sports hockey analyst. In October, he revealed his ailment in an open letter on TVA Sports' website.

According to multiple sources, in his fight with lung cancer, NHL Hall of Famer and former New York Islanders icon Mike Bossey is reportedly resorting to palliative care.

Unfortunately, because Bossy's condition has worsened in recent months, the 65-year-old has chosen to stay at home and spend the rest of the day with his family rather than undergo the physical rigors of another severe treatment.

The devastating news of Mike Bossy's death has yet to be confirmed or denied by official sources.

This news has left everyone perplexed, and everyone is hoping for some clarity soon.

Mike Bossy Children And Family Details 

After several years of marriage, Mike Bossy and his wife had two lovely daughters, Josiane and Tanya.

He has two grandchildren who he adores.

Bossy grew up in Saint-Alphonse, in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville region of Montreal, as the fifth of ten children in a Detroit Red Wings-obsessed family

His mother, Dorothy, was English, and his father, Borden was Ukrainian, as was their apartment building's backyard ice rink.

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