Mika Kleinschmidt Parents Thomas and Yolanda Are Proud Americans

Mika and Brian have been married since 2015
Mika and Brian have been married since 2015( Source : instagram )

Mika Kleinschmidt parents Thomas McGee and Yolanda Pozzi live in Tampa, Florida. Her father and mother have American nationality.

Mika Kleinschmidt is an American Television presenter who came to fame with the show 100 Day Dream Home with her husband Brian Kleinschmidt.

Mika is also a real estate developer alongside her spouse, Brian, where they primarily build a new house and renovate the old house.

Mika and Brian are coming back for season 4 on May 26, 2023. As the new season comes back on TV, viewers have wondered about her family life, especially because of a military background.


Mika Kleinschmidt Parents: Did They Serve In The Military?

Mika Kleinschmidt was born to her parents Thomas McGee And Yolanda Pozzi, on March 30 in Tampa, Florida. Her father have a military background.

She never really speaks up about her parents, yet, she features her father on her social media pages.

Despite her attempts to keep her personal life hidden from the public, we know that her family is connected to the military.

Her family used to relocate to different places, and she attended four schools during her childhood as her father would have move around a lot.

Her father was stationed in Iraq, while her mother was stationed in Puerto Rico for military duty. Because their parents were so busy with their jobs, she only got to see them once in a while.

She shared on her Instagram in 2019 that she celebrated Father's Day with her father for the first time in 15 to 20 years.

Mika's parents are also said to have been stationed in Germany for a while, according to one of her Instagram posts.

Mika also shares a close relationship with Brian's parents and family. They can be seen spending time together as a close family on weekends and holidays.

Mika seen here with Brian and their family enjoying a dinner by the sunset
Mika seen here with Brian and their family enjoying a dinner by the sunset( Source : instagram )


Mika Kleinschmidt Siblings And Family

Mika Kleinschmidt is of African-American descent and American nationality raised in a military family.

Mika has a sister named Kayla-Anne. Her grandfather's name is Cooks and is a veteran.

She exchanged wedding vows with her husband Brian Kleinschmidt in 2017.

Mika and Brian, meanwhile, were high school sweethearts who split up during college but eventually reconnected for marriage.

She has a daughter named Jade from her previous relationship, while the biological father of her daughter is unknown.

Mika's mother-in-law, Erica Kleinschmidt, is a retired music teacher, while her father-in-law is Kevin Kleinschmidt.

The spouse is co-parenting Jade and she is lucky to have a step-father like Brain because he loves her like his own daughter.

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