Dirty Rotten Scammers: Who Is Michelle Ackerley Father And How Old Is Her Mother Mavis Ackerley?

Michelle Ackerley clicked picture with her father, Marcus Ackerley
Michelle Ackerley clicked picture with her father, Marcus Ackerley( Source : co )

Michelle Ackerley is the daughter of her father Marcus Ackerly and mother Mavis Ackerly. Michelle was born and raised in Manchester.

She and her mother presented the Dirty Rotten Scammers on BBC One. The show investigates the surge in online fraud, hacking, and scams meets with victims and offers help and advice on how to avoid criminals' clutches.

She is a journalist and TV presenter on BBC programs, Watchdog and The One Show. The television presenter and journalist rose to popularity after participating as a contestant in Celebrity Mastermind in December 2016.

A TV presenter graduated from The Univeristy of Manchester with a degree in psychology and started her career at ALL FM 96.9 radio. Later, she joined BBC.

She belongs to an African ethnicity. Her maternal grandfather was a chief of the Ga people in Ghana.

She has natural hair. As she was raised in the middle-class region of Cheshire, many people doubt her hair and question her.

Michelle Ackerley Father Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Michelle Ackerley father Marcus Ackerly and mother Mavis Ackerly were married for decades. Her family is based in Manchester.

Her dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He later passed away at 62 on March 27, 2018, in East Cheshire Hospice.

Michelle Ackerley with her whole family during their vacation
Michelle Ackerley with her whole family during their vacation( Source : co )

The One Show host was in London to film Richard Osman’s House of Games when her father passed away. Her mother and her brother, Johnny, were on holiday in Majorca then.

After she got the news of her father, she called her mother and informed her. She mentioned it was one of the hardest to call and tell her.

After two years of her dad's passing, the BBC presenter shared an emotional post on her Instagram. She shared about her father, stating that she would pay tribute to her dad, reminiscing about her lovely memories with him in March 2020.

Michelle Ackerley Mother Mavis Ackerly Is A Personal Trainer

Michelle Ackerley's mother, Mavis Ackerley, is 65 years old, has a life coaching history, and has appeared on One Show and a Magic FM podcast. She is a hardworking woman and owns her own business.

Both mother and daughters paired up as a presenter for a documentary show Dirty Rotten Scammer.

She can be found on Instagram. Her bio states, "TV Presenter and Life Coach." She has around 200 followers and 96 followings on her account.

Mavis has posted many pictures on her account. She has 266 posts. She frequently updates her followers about her day-to-day life. Recently she posted pictures with her daughter.

Michelle Ackerley Is Engaged To Her Partner Benjamin Ryan

Michelle Ackerley and her soon-to-be husband Benjamin Ryan got engaged in April. Ryan is a rugby coach.

Michelle shared her happy moments via her Instagram post, flaunting her ring with the caption, 'Nipped out for a morning stroll when this happened…! Happy Wednesday, @benryan7s.'

Michelle Ackerley with her partner, Ben Ryan, showing off her engagement ring
Michelle Ackerley with her partner, Ben Ryan, showing off her engagement ring ( Source : instagram )

Sharing the same post, her boyfriend, Ben, 48 years, wrote: 'Popped out for a stroll and asked @michelle_ackerley to pop that onto her finger. Thankfully she said yes.'

Michelle and Ben first met at a BBC Sports Personality of the Year event, and soon they started to date. 

Ryan coached Fiji’s sevens squad from 2013 to 2016. He pushed them to win their first-ever Dubai Sevens and break the record for the most tournaments titles won by a Fiji Sevens Coach.

Michelle and Ben recently visited Mallorca, Spain, together during their vacation, according to their Instagram post.

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