Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas -

Michael Douglas is a greatest producer and actor of America. He was the first child of Kirk Douglas (actor) and Diana Love Dill (actress). He was born on 25th September 1944 at New Brunswick of New Jersey. He had three brothers as sibling. His grandparents were Jewish from Gomel. His mother has ethnicity of Bermuda. His maternal grandfather was Lieutenant colonel of Bermuda. He is from the family background in acting career.

He was admitted to The Allen-Stevenson School at New York and Eagle brook School of Massachusetts. He joined the Choate Preparatory School at Wallingford. He was graduated from University of California in BA in 1968. He took a training of acting at The American Place Theatre at New York. At the age of 22, He appeared in the movie named Cast a Giant Shadow in 1966. His role was appeared in the The Streets of San Francisco (TV series) from 1972 to 1976. He was associated with his mentor till 1st July 2009. After giving full stop to the Streets of San Francisco, he appeared at coma playing the role of doctor in 1978. After a year he was appeared in the role of Runner at Running. He was seen as a producer of The China Syndrome. This movie was based on accident in Nuclear power plant. He appeared at Hollywood from the Adventured comedy movie titled with romancing the Stone in 1984. He was the part of the movie Fatal Attraction which is a Thriller horror movie. He was playing the role of Gekko in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps in 2010. He was busy in casting the movie named The War of the Roses in 1960 at Osaka of Japan. He was the part of successful movie like Basic Instinct, Disclosure, Falling Down, The American President, The Ghost and The Darkness, The Game and A perfect Murder. He stared in the e movie titled traffic in 2000. He had appeared at the movie named Don’t Say a Word before he was married with Catherine Zeta-Jones. He had appeared as a guest at Fatal Attraction, a popular TV sitcom Will and Grace. He is currently the part of Board of selection of Jefferson Awards.

He was married with Diandra Luker in 1977. Her wife was 14 years junior when comparing their age gap. They had a son (Cameron). They were divorced with each other in 2000. After he was divorced with his first wife he was married with Catherine Zeta-Jones. He had two children. Dylan Michael was born in 2000 and his second children (Carys Zeta) in 2003. But now he is separated with her second wife.

He had been suffered with throat cancer which was announced on 16th August 2010. He had very rough and unpleasant voice. He had estimated net worth of about $188 million. He is hardworking and good personality bearing actor. He was the part of the project; Soldiers of Peace in 2009.he was the supporter of the Sakinesh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who was sentenced to death by stoning at her.

He won the Award for Best Picture from the movie named One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1975. He was the winner of Academy award for best actor in Wall Street in 1987. He was the winner of Crystal Globe Award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 1998. He was nominated for Emmy Award for Guest actor in television Comedy show. He won Emmy award in 2013 for the movie Behind the Candelabra. He was honored with AFI life Achievement Award n 2009.

His biography can be obtained from wiki. He is not engaged online. But his fan can followed him through many sites and wiki.