Does Michael Cimino From Love Victor Have A Girlfriend?

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Michael Cimino is an actor from the United States. Let's learn more about Micheal Cimino, including whether or not he has a girlfriend.

The actor is most recognized for his roles as Bob Palmeri in Annabelle Comes Home and Victor Salazar in Love, Victor, a Hulu series based on the 2018 film Love, Simon.

Love Victor is a charming romantic comedy that has been causing a stir since its June 17, 2020, release.

Does Michael Cimino Have A Girlfriend?

According to Michael's Instagram, he was dating Mava Gomez. However, the two haven't shared any photos since March 2019.

"She was a significant part of my life. I'm not just going to remove her and act like she never occurred," Michael wrote beside a photo of the two from 2019.


It's unclear whether the couple is still together. The final shot we have together is at the red carpet premiere of Annabelle Comes Home.

It's impossible to say whether Micheal Cimino and his girlfriend Mava Gomez are still together until they confirm.

 Gay Rumors After Love Victor, Is He Dating?

In the film "Love, Victor," he appeared as a gay man, while in real life, actor Michael Cimino had a romantic relationship with female YouTube star Mava Gómez.

Micheal has repeatedly stated how pleased he was to play a gay character on the program and how much effort he put in to make his acting authentic.


Micheal said in an interview with People that his gay cousin was instrumental in getting him ready for the event.

However, playing Victor was not entirely based on outside input, as the actor stated that he wanted everyone to be able to relate to the character, regardless of sexuality.

Michael Cimino Biography Details

Michael was born on November 10, 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Deb Cimino and Philip Cimino, who is of Italian-German origin.

Cimino's acting career began when he was eight and enrolled in a religious organization that taught him how to understand performing art. His instructor noticed that Cimino has musical abilities and can act effectively.

In 2011, he joined Hollywood Bound Acting and received training in Acting Theory; with this, he continued to focus on his musical skills. In 2013, he learned performance techniques at "On With The Show" to increase his music expertise.

He enrolled in the Billy Hufsey School of Performing Arts in 2012 to improve his scene study and on-camera technique.

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