Michael Chandler Named His Son Hap Whitaker After A Legend- Find Out More About His Age And Education

Michael Chandler and his wife named their son Hap Whitaker after him. Let's learn everything there is to know about Micheal Chandler's son, including the origins of his name.

Michael Chandler is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States.

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he currently competes in the Lightweight class (UFC)

How Old Is Hap Whitaker?

Hap Whitaker will be five years old in 2022. In 2018, Michael Chandler and his wife, Brie Willet, adopted a son.

Chandler was overcome with emotion when he first saw a photograph of his nine-month-old son.

Due to long legal formalities, Chandler and Brie had to wait months to be able to adopt a child. When the couple eventually qualified, they only had to wait six minutes to see the child who would become their first son.

According to Chandler, his wife has been thinking about adopting a kid since she was a teenager. Brie volunteered at 'Granny's House,' where she looked after orphaned youngsters.

The Story Behind Michael Chandler's Son's Name

Michael Chandler named his son after a great University of Missouri wrestling coach. Hap Whitney was his name.

Whitney was a four-time Missouri state champion and close friendship with Chandler.

Whitaker was later chosen to replace Whitney with Chandler and Brie. Hap's second moniker was inspired by one of his buddies, Mike Whitaker, whom he met at a Nashville restaurant, according to the former Bellator star.

Chandler, Hap Whitaker, is now four years old. His parents documented his fourth birthday celebrations on Instagram.

You can see the pictures on Micheal Chandler's wife's official Instagram. It goes by the username @briechandler.

Micheal Chandler Son Education Details

Micheal, who has a great career, is likely to provide his son with the best schooling possible. There is no information on Hap Whitaker's education on the internet.

Micheal, his wife, and their son reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Micheal Chandler was the second of four children born to Michael Sr. and Betty Chandler in High Ridge, Missouri.

After nearly two years of emailing, Chandler began dating Brie Willett in 2013. Following that, they married in 2014.

Micheal recently adopted Ace, his second child. Ace came to this planet on April 19th. The 36-year-old wrote an emotional statement on social media to welcome the fourth member of his family.

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