Michael Baggott Weight Loss : Does He Has Any Illness?

Michael is a TV personality and one of Flog It’s most recognisable faces
Michael is a TV personality and one of Flog It’s most recognisable faces( Source : co )

Michael Baggott has an incredible weight loss journey and weighs around 88 kg. Michael Baggott is a TV personality and a professional antique.

The TV personality is well-known after his appearance in Flog It in 2002. He has been part of the show for almost 18 years. The show was unfortunately closed in 2020.

Michael's love of antiques started in the schoolyard, and now he is one of Flog It’s most recognizable faces. He has a wealth of knowledge on collectibles, great and small, and can always be relied upon when it comes to silver.

Alongside this, Michael researches provincial British silver, having a particular passion for early spoons. 

He is also an author of expert works on silver and has written numerous articles for The Finial, the journal of the Silver Spoon Club of Great Britain. 

Michael, of course, is a proud antique member of Flog It.

Michael Baggott Weight Loss

Michael Baggott weight loss journey catched a lot of attention among his fans. Michael Baggott is around 88 kgs and 6 Feet 1 inch.

His fans and followers, who were used to seeing a big masculine man, have recently noticed changes in his body structure and think Baggott has gone on a weight loss journey.

Michael has an impressive weight loss journey
Michael has an impressive weight loss journey( Source : antiquestradegazette )

However, Michael has not spoken with his fans or followers about his weight loss or any other journey. It may be hard for the guy to keep his weight; he is a big eater.

Michael is often seen on social media presenting his recipes and delicacies with his fans and acquaintances. However, he has not revealed anything about his weight loss journey.

Michael Illness : How Is His Health Condition?

Michael Baggott is healthy, and he doesn't have any illness as of 2022. After his sudden weight loss, people were concerned about his health condition.

But, to date, he has not revealed anything about his health condition or disease to his fans or followers on the internet. Michael has yet to confirm whether or not the rumors are true.

Michael support builds for Baggott’s ivory antiques rescue scheme
Michael support builds for Baggott’s ivory antiques rescue scheme( Source : antiquestradegazette )

He has kept his medical reports off the internet. But, looking at him, he seems completely fine. It seems like he has followed a diet and does some exercise to lose weight and remain healthy.

Baggott is a healthy man who has a perfect muscular frame. He is a foodie and often shares his favorite recipes with his followers on social media.

Michael Is An Antique Expert

Baggott is an antique expert who came into the limelight after his appearance in Flog It. The show has run for 18 years since 2002.

However, Wikipedia has not mentioned anything about him. Several other food news portals feature him with an extensive Bio.

Michael's date of birth is unknown to date. But he is in his 40s. He is the son of Mr. Baggott and Elizabeth Baggott.

Michael sold £160k spoon in Birmingham
Michael sold £160k spoon in Birmingham( Source : co )

His father worked as a butler and acquired a cache of pocket-sized jewels while his mother was a housewife. Unfrotynetly, his mother died in November 2019 after a long battle with cancer. Michael has a sister who is a vogue model.

He is a British citizen and a Christain devout. He began his career in antiquities by working at the prestigious salesroom Christie.

He started working as a private consultant dealing in antique silver after graduation. In 2004, he started his career on the BBC's antique show Flog It. He is an expert in antiquities and has his store.

Along with his antiquities profession, he is also an author. He released a book: An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776 - 1858, in 2010.

Currently, he resides in London, United Kingdom.

Is Michael Married? Who Is His Wife?

Michael has not revealed anything about his wife. But Many people assume Elizabeth Talbot to be his partner.

But Talbot is not his wife. They both made their appearance Flog It, so people got confused about it.

Michael with Ann Bromley of Flog It! outside Normanby Hall
Michael with Ann Bromley of Flog It! outside Normanby Hall( Source : co )

However, many Reports claim that he is already married. But he hasn't been linked with anyone to date, and his relationship status seemed to be a complete mystery. 

Michael Net Worth 2023

Michael has a net worth of $2 million, according to quickcelebfacts. He has earned all the wealth through his profession.

His first antique acquisition cost him $22 and was a Chester silver Vesta case. He was a student at the time.

He has collected a handful of money from his television appearance and is also an author. However, the shoe, Flog It decided to end its run in 2020.

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