Are Melissa Roxburgh And JR Ramirez Still Dating?

Manifest stars flaunting their chemistry off-screen.
Manifest stars flaunting their chemistry off-screen. ( Source : instagram )

Yes, Melissa Roxburgh and JR Ramirez are still dating. The Manifest co-stars confirmed the relationship with their cozy vacation in the Bahamas.

PageSix announced back in 2020 that the two started dating. Fans theorized that the couple separated in 2021, however, it was not confirmed by either.

Since the start of their relationship, both the stars were never public about their relationship. This led to various confusion among the Netizens.

Their secret visit to Fiji Island in 2022 proves that they wish to have a private life.

Both of them were seen together in an American supernatural drama television series released first on September 24, 2018, on NBC. It revolves around the passengers and crew members of a commercial flight who were presumed not alive for five and a half years.

Justifying the series's true fan support, after being rejected by NBC in June 2021, the popular sci-fi series was backed by Netflix in August 2021, when the viewers brought it to a super height.

Are Melissa Roxburgh And Jr Ramirez Still Dating?

Yes, Melissa Roxburgh and JR Ramirez are still dating each other. They started dating in 2020.

Instagram posts and videos prove that the rumor about their breakup is not true. Fans are equally excited about their loved on-screen couple actually turning out as an off-screen couple.

Even though they kept their relationship a secret earlier, it was not because of the undoubtable chemistry that the rumor started.

The rumor would rise as Roxburgh and her co-star would be seen attending events together and not sweeping any stories of the couple dating.

Their affair is rumored to have begun in 2020 and ceased in 2021, as they stopped posting about each other.

The couple would be quiet about their love status, which seemed like they prioritized their privacy.

They did not share any information until a particular Instagram post that would tremble the focus of the keen watchers of their Netflix drama.

To everyone’s surprise, in December 2022, their trip to Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji shook the internet for Manifest fans.

Melissa and JR Ramirez on their quiet trip to Fiji
Melissa and JR Ramirez on their quiet trip to Fiji( Source : instagram )

The rumored couple was seen enjoying a romantic vacation together, announcing their relationship status as public and Instagram Official.

Roxburgh's Instagram shows her leaning toward Ramirez while also taking a shot of their reflection in a glass window, with him hugging her from behind.

Fans could get a glance at their fun time and private beach picnic in a video revealing some fresh summer fruits and roasted veggies alongside a bottle of tequila.

Later in the evening, another video recorded a romantic and pleasant candle-lit date, including 2 glasses of red wine and a lantern set against the surrounding breathtaking tropical views.

Their most recent trip was to Nassau, Bahamas, two days ago. Not much is known about the details of the visit, but both stars have shared many pictures on Instagram.

Netflix series co-star at the opening of Nassau Cruise Port at Bahamas few days ago.
Netflix series co-star at the opening of Nassau Cruise Port at Bahamas few days ago. ( Source : instagram )

Both seemed happy and lovely together. Altogether it now seems like the relationship is publically official.

Melissa Roxburgh Dating History

Melissa Roxburgh dating history includes co-actors like Andrew Jenkins.

While the entertainer has never openly admitted to being captivated by any of them, the indication was hidden in her IG action.

The actress started her journey in this industry in the earliest of 2011. She was a teen entertainer when she formerly appeared in the Journal of a Weak Youngster: Rodrick Rules.

The Manifest lead has been entertaining for more than 10 years and to everyone's surprise her name is not more than twice to any guy.

Her recent relationship is with JR. Ramirez. He is her co-star in Netflix's popular drama Manifest. The couple began dating after meeting on the set of the show.

Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins was her co-star in Lost Solace as Spence. The movie is a Sci-Fi thriller drama produced by him.

She began dating Andrew in 2017. They met on the set of Lost Solace.

They seemed to be a pleased couple, yet never ready for any gossipy treat about their relationship. They used to post pictures together.

Jenkins is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, producer, and award-winning entertainer born in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

The Lost Solace actor attending Indie Film Awards at Los Angeles, California
The Lost Solace actor attending Indie Film Awards at Los Angeles, California( Source : instagram )

The revelation of their relationship was only through photos. Posting photos along with each other with heartfelt captions was their way of expressing love.

However, the relationship did not last due to unknown reasons. None of them disclosed the reason for separation. It is like they never dated.

Melissa and JR Come Back For Manifest Season Part 2

Manifest revealed the date for Part 2 of Season 4 on June 2, 2023. Melissa plays the role of Michaela Stone and JR. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez.

Manifest Season 4, Part 2 finally releasing on June 2, 2023
Manifest Season 4, Part 2 finally releasing on June 2, 2023( Source : instagram )

Fans of Manifest are well aware that date is something crucial in the show's tradition. Both April 7 and June 2 are eventful days.

April 7 is the day Flight 828 left Jamaica, and June 2 is, of course, the "Death Date." Practically, it was June 2, 2024, and not 2023 since every character has voiced it several times throughout the show.

It was maybe decided that 2024 would be a long wait. It was already a long wait of 2 years for Manifest Season 4, part 1.

The first part of the series' final season satisfied fans in every possible way. They found it: interesting and emotional, and few answers about Flight 828.

A teaser was released right after the date of the announcement for the final part.

Later on May 18, a full-length trailer was released featuring the deceased Zeke.

In this part of the Season, Michaela has to align together with her old love, Jared while grieving for her beloved husband Zeke.

For the sake of finding distinct ways of investigating the Callings, Michaela and Jared will be seen together in this Part 2. Fans are eager to watch them again.

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