Is Something Wrong With Meg Foster Eyes? Is It A Genetic Condition or Mutation of the Eyes?

Meg Foster has pale blue eyes which are so distracting that the actress sometimes has to use contact lens
Meg Foster has pale blue eyes which are so distracting that the actress sometimes has to use contact lens( Source : twitter )

Actress Meg Foster's pale blue eyes are genetic characteristics but not a mutation or defect. It is one of the rarest eye colors in human beings.

Margaret Foster, best known as Meg Foster, an American film and television actress, gets recognized by her eyes more easily than anything else. 

Her pale blue eyes are something many die upon, while a fewer population finds it difficult to stand it. And according to the Internet, they find it creepy. 

Nevertheless, pale blue eyes are rare, and, well, she has got them. It is not a mutation but a genetic characteristics. It comes from a combination of specific type of gene sequence.

What Is Wrong With Meg Foster Eyes?

Meg Foster's striking pale blue eyes have been one of the most distinguishing facial feature of the actress. 

The most-alluring feature of Meg Foster has to be her eyes, but a laughable accuracy is that they are the sole reason why she landed on many horror movies in the first place. 

And playing scary characters is why people find her eyes creepy.

Her eyes are one of the rarest colors of pale blue, which are not seen in most human beings. The most rare eye color in human beings is green but pale blue eyes also don't occur quite often.

The actress has talked about how her eyes have helped as well as hindered her career as an actress. She admits that the uniqueness of her appearance has allowed her to get distinct role but it has also caused her to loose several roles.

Meg Foster's unusual eyes have led her to get different types of role
Meg Foster's unusual eyes have led her to get different types of role( Source : imago-images )

Many viewers find it creepy and scary while others think the color is quite beautiful.

Other than that, her eyes are undoubtedly as beautiful as they were 50-years-ago. And those who get chills seeing her eyes, well, nothing is there except saying, those pairs aren't gonna change so, deal with it. 

Are Meg Foster's Eyes a Genetic Condition or Mutation?

Meg Foster's eyes are a genetic condition that results from a rare combination of gene sequences.

It isn't a defect or mutation but it a rare combination due to the expression of a recessive gene in the body. 

Those are the most natural blue eyes one will come across. And definitely free from any surgical procedures. 

Back in the days in 1979, after her striking pale-blue eyes were dubbed in "the eyes of 1979" by Mademoiselle magazine, she said that her eyes were not "so distinctive".

However, some film and television producers had her wear contact lenses to lessen what they considered her eyes' "distractive" effect.

How Old Is Meg Foster?

Meg was born on 10 May 1948 in Reading, Pennsylvania, the United States making herself 73 years in 2022.

Meg Foster is currently 73 years old
Meg Foster is currently 73 years old( Source : rottentomatoes )

Parented by David and Nancy Foster, Meg grew up in Rowayton, Connecticut, with four siblings: sisters Gray, Jan, and Nina, and brother Ian.

With a passion for acting and to excel in her skills, she studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York.

Meet Her Husband And Family

Meg was married to a Canadian actor Stephen McHattie, but shortly got divorced.

However, she has a son named, Christopher Starr from her previous relationship with actor Ron Starr. 

Other than that, her dating history is not very vibrant. 

Some FAQs

Why are Meg Foster's eyes so blue?

Meg Foster's eyes so blue because it is rare genetic trait.

What color are Meg Foster's eyes?

Meg Foster's eyes are pale blue in color.

Are Meg Foster's Eyes Real?

Yes, Meg Foster's eyes are real.

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