Who Is Tinx TikTok Ex Boyfriend Jeremy Kallen? Cheating And Crying Video As She Recalls Breakup

TikTok's older sister Tinx has recently opened up about her past breakup with Jeremy Kallen and why she posted the subsequent Tiktok of her crying. She shares a powerful message as she talks about her heartbreak.

Tinx, real name Christina Najjar, is a TikTok star and influencer. She usually gives relationship advice to people, and she is known as Tiktok's older sister.

Her videos have helped many people figure out their relationships, but the relationship expert also has her own moment of vulnerability.

Meet Jeremy Kallen TikTok: Tinx Ex Boyfriend Who Cheated On Her

Jeremy Kallen was the ex-boyfriend of Tinx. They broke up back in 2021 due to Jeremy cheating on Tinx.

However, there is not much information about the famous Tiktoker's ex-boyfriend.

Nonetheless, Tinx states that she was madly in love with him, and she was heartbroken when she found out he cheated on her.

The incident happened in June 2021, and Tinx subsequently uploaded a Tiktok of her pouring her heart out. 

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Tinx TikTok Crying Video And Cheating Experience

After her breakup, Tinx explains her relationship and heartbreak over Jeremy cheating on her as she tries to fight back her tears.

She had received a direct message from the woman Jeremy was having an affair with. 



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However, the Tiktok was released about half a year ago.

In a new conversation with Today's Jill Martin, Tinx reflects on what she learned from the breakup. She also delivers a powerful message stating, "Leave the baggage, keep the lesson."

She mentions that she is not embarrassed, that she gave her heart out to someone, and they broke it. She says she does not feel shame for loving someone so deeply, and it is not her wrong.

What Is Tinx TikTok Net Worth?

Tinx has an estimated net worth of about $1-2 million.

She has a massive following of 1.5 million on Tiktok, and she earns from sponsorship, donations, and the likes. Tinx is among one of Tiktok's most successful content creators.

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Who Is Tinx New Partner?

While Tinx has not revealed anything about her new relationship, people suspect she is dating DJ Diplo.

The two were spotted together hanging out together in Los Angeles.

The rumors intensified more Dj Diplo made a TikTok video showing a jumbotron with the text, "Diplo. Tinx boyfriend."

Tinx further shared the video as she dueted to it.

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