How Old Is Kelly Tyson? Meet Jacob Trouba Girlfriend On Instagram

Jacob Trouba, the famous professional ice hockey player, married his long-time girlfriend Kelly Tyson back in 2020. Learn more about her below.

Kelly Tyson is often known for her partner Jacob Troub, the professional NHL player. Jacob is the alternate captain for the New York Rangers in the NHL.

Jacob is equally supportive of his wife's career. She is a neuroscience graduate and an aspiring med student.

Meet Jacob Trouba Girlfriend Kelly Tyson

Kelly Tyson was the long-time girlfriend of Jacob Trouba. Now, Kelly is the wife of Jacob as the couple married in 2020.

The pair first met on Halloween in 2012 at a bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time, Kelly and Jacob went to the same college, but they didn't know each other. Jacob was a freshman in college, and Kelly was in her senior year.

Jacob fondly mentions how his wife especially likes to hear that she was his senior in college.

After the two met in a bar, the pair eventually started seeing each other. However, the couple split as Kelly moved to Australia to pursue her Master's Degree, and Jacob was a player for the Wolverines' hockey team.

Kelly and Jacob had their ambitions, but they tried to make their relationship work. Nonetheless, their relationship got strained for the next six years. 

After sorting out their career challenges, they had their engagement in 2018, and they married in 2020. Kelly is still pursuing a career in the medical field, and Jacob fully supports her.

Kelly and Jacob are both from Michigan.

Kelly Tyson Age: How Old Is She?

There is currently no information on the exact age of Kelly Tyson. However, she is likely a couple of years older than her husband, as she was his senior in college.

Jacob is currently 28 years old, and Kelly could be around 29 or 30 years old.

Jacob and Kelly have been together for over eight years.

The couple owns a dog named bonnie.

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Kelly Tyson Career Details Explored

Kelly Tyson is an aspiring medical student. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in neuroscience.

She also completed her master's in Australia.

Now, she is likely to complete her medical residency in New York.

Kelly Tyson is also an epilepsy hero and an advocate.

Find Kelly Tyson On Instagram

Kelly Tyson goes by the name @kelly__tyson on her Instagram account. She has about 422 followers and a total of 260 posts.

However, kelly Tyson has made her Instagram handle private.

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