Mduduzi Nkala Arrested For Hillary Gardee Murder

Mduduzi Nkala was arrested in the murder case of Mduduzi Hillary Gardee. Police also arrested Sipho Mkhatshwa and Philemon Lukhele after linking with a case. 

Sipho Mkhatshwa, Philemon Lukhele, and Mduduzi Nkala have arrived at the Nelspruit Magistrate's Court, where the request for bail is currently being addressed.

The three were arrested after police found the link to Hillary Garde's case. Godrich Gardee's daughter went missing, and her body was found near Sabbie in Mpumalanga.

According to the Mpumalanga police, they have enough pieces of evidence against Mduduzi Nkala, Sipho Mkhatshwa, and Philemon Lukhele in the murder case of Hillary Garde.

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Find Mduduzki Nkala On Facebook 

Mduduzki Nkala is not active on Facebook, Not only that, he is not available on any social media platforms.

Nkala was arrested in the Hillary Garde case. Many people have sent their condolences after the death news came into the public spotlight. 

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Twitter Reacts to Mduduzki Nkala Arrest 

Mduduzki Nkala was arrested in the murder case of Hillary Gardee case. Alongside him, Sipho Mkhatshwa and Philemon Lukhel were also arrested. 

Many people are tweeting about the case and are even running the hashtag "#HillaryGardee." They are demanding strict punishment and justice for Hillary's family.

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Court Denies Bail On Hillary Gardee Case

The Nelspruit Magistrate court denied bail against Mduduzki Nkala, Sipho Mkhatshwa, and Philemon Lukhele in the Hillary Gardee case.

The court got postponed for June 9, 2022, with further notice. Philemon Lukhele even sends condolences to Hillary Garde's family. 

Many EFF members rallied outside the Nelspruit Magistrate's Court earlier today to ask that the culprits be released on bail.