Who Is Maxwell Frost? Wikipedia Biography And Age Details Of The American Politician

Maxwell Frost is a national leader in the fight to end gun violence
Maxwell Frost is a national leader in the fight to end gun violence ( Source : instagram )

Maxwell Frost, 25, will probably be the first person from Generation Z to be elected to Congress in January.

According to ABC News, Frost is expected to prevail in Tuesday's Democratic primary for Florida's 10th Congressional District. Randolph Bracy, who was supported mainly by the party elite, was beaten by Frost.

He won a tight primary on Tuesday night in Florida's heavily Democratic 10th Congressional District, giving him a great chance to enter the House of Representatives. After being predicted to win, Frost thanked his supporters.

Who Is Maxwell Frost? Know His Age 

Maxwell Frost, who turned 25 this year, worked as a national organizer for the ACLU before joining the youth-led March for Our Lives movement as its national organizing director.

Frost's parents, a white Kansas man, and a Cuban American woman adopted him at birth, giving him roots in many aspects of American culture. His biological parents were a Haitian man and a Lebanese woman of Puerto Rican descent.

Black candidate Frost, who grew up speaking both English and Spanish, took advantage of his bilingual upbringing to run for office in a district with a population as diverse as his own.

Maxwell Frost in the frame
Maxwell Frost in the frame ( Source : instagram )

Frost still stands out despite having a résumé that doesn't reflect his age.

He has been politically engaged for ten years, primarily working with groups like March for Our Lives and the American Civil Liberties Union to advocate against gun violence and for abortion rights.

Frost's victory is noteworthy, especially amid a diversified national candidate corps, even though Frost did surprise the Democratic establishment by defeating a large field packed with senior political leaders.

Gun control, "Medicare for All," and addressing climate change are a few of the critical issues Frost ran on.

Members of Generation Z—those born after 1996—will be able to compete for office in the House of Representatives for the first time in the 2022 election cycle. Currently, lawmakers must be 25 years old by the time they are sworn in.

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Maxwell Frost Wife- Is He Married? 

Frost is dating Jamie Arena, a former Rock, the Vote intern, even though they are not married. According to her featured photographs, the couple appears to have been dating for almost three years on Facebook.

Arena was born in Jenson Beach and now resides in Orlando, Florida. She completed her senior year at Jenson Beach High School before enrolling at the University of Central Florida to study film and communication.

According to the profile, she was a fellow at NextGen America and a former community organizer with the Organizing Corps 2020-Orlando Cohort. The duo began publishing photos of themselves in a frame together in 2019.

Maxwell Frost with his girlfriend
Maxwell Frost with his girlfriend ( Source : instagram )

Leading leftists, including Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and Bernie Sanders, support Frost.

He discussed his bid for Congress with ABC News in March, stating at the time that he thought it was time to elect younger leaders that better reflected the values and viewpoints that the younger voters cared about and desired.

Before discovering activism at 15, Frost attributed his discipline and ambition to his father's musical education.

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What Is Maxwell Frost Net Worth? 

If Maxwell Frost could become the first member of Generation Z to serve in Congress, his net worth and income would reach new heights. The facts of his income and net worth are unknown as of the time of writing.

Frost was one of Bold PAC's two primary targets this cycle, and the group made a significant investment, getting strategically involved and contributing $250,000 on its own.

As a result of a redistricting that crammed more Democratic voters together, Frost is virtually guaranteed to win the safe blue seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) in November.

However, Democrats see Frost as having promise beyond the election in November. In addition to representing his generation in Congress, according to Frost, he will continue to fight for the causes he has been involved in.

Frost's political convictions are also the result of personal experience; on Halloween of 2016, he and his companions were forced to flee an active shooter in downtown Orlando, which led to the beginning of his gun activism.

His advocacy for reproductive rights is motivated by his biological mother's inability to receive prenatal care due to financial constraints. Frost stated that he wanted to support the arts in Congress in addition to the major political battles.

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