Maxwell Frost Wins Florida Primary As A Gen Z Democratic Nominee

According to a race called by The Associated Press, Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a 25-year-old candidate won his Democratic primary.
According to a race called by The Associated Press, Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a 25-year-old candidate won his Democratic primary.( Source : facebook )

Maxwell Frost, age 25, is an Organizer, Musician, and Candidate for Congress.

Progressive activist Frost won his Democratic primary. He ran for election to represent Florida's 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House. The Musician is part of the Democratic party. 

Frost is the former National Organizing Director at March For Our Lives and former National Organizing Specialist at ACLU. He was on the ballot on August 23, 2022. In 2021, the candidate completed his Ballotpedcia survey. He runs for Congress because he doesn't want to change the system until they change leadership. 

He is a first-generation member of Congress. He aims for all poor, working-class, and young people to sit together. The candidate had promised to fight to end gun violence, win Medicare for everyone, divert the racist criminal justice system, and finish the climate trouble. 

Maxwell Frost 25-Year Young Candidate Qualifies For The Position

Frost is a young candidate who authorizes for age requirement to present in the U.S. House. He is 25 years old candidate working to put young people, the poor, and the working class to sit at the table. His campaign worked on organizing a coalition of people who represent values and interests. The candidate knows the process for holding power to account. 

Frost is a national organizer who has worked with team ACLU. The organizer joined the movement to organize reformed voting rights for 1.6 million Floridians with prior felonies. Even he joined as the National Organizing Director of March for Our Lives to fight against gun violence. 

 Maxwell Frost Candidate for Congress posing with his grandma
Maxwell Frost Candidate for Congress posing with his grandma( Source : facebook )

Frost had been raised in Orlando, Florida. His grandmother Yeya and his mother moved from Cuba to Florida during the Freedom Fights. In the 1960s, his family transferred to the place only with a suitcase and no money. His grandmother used to work for more than 70 hours a week in Miami factories.

In that phase, Frost's grandmother had forced to work in a harsh environment to give a comfortable life to her family. Even his mother had been caught in a time of drugs, crime, and violence when she was pregnant. She didn't have proper healthcare and didn't visit the doctor once during her pregnancy. 

Frost's biological mother had seven children, so she gave the candidate for adoption because she lacked essential resources to care for another kid. While growing up, he had seen various acts of violence and racial differences in his community. 

Dan Moy became a candidate for the Republican National Convention on May 21, 2022, who retains vast learning of counterterrorism, surveillance technologies, procedures, and schedules. 

Maxwell Frost Net Worth: How Much He Obtained?

Frost's net worth is under review. The candidate came from a poor place and faced challenges during his life. In August 2012, he worked as a fellow member in organizing for action. Later he joined Hillary for America as a field organizer for America Campaign. 

Previously, Forst worked as Deputy State Director at, Florida State Organizer at Democracy Spring, Brian Cunningham for NYC Council as GOTV/Special Projects, Margaret Good for Florida House, District 72 as field Director, Floridians for a Fair Shake as Deputy Communications Director. 

For three months, Forst served as field manager at ACLU of Florida. He had been recruited as Production Dispatch at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California. In February 2019, the candidate became part of the ACLU in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Forst worked in contract with Bernie Sanders For President as National Advance Manager. The candidate served for March For Our Lives as National Organizing Director for nearly two years. 

Yesli Vega is the member of Republican party candidate heading to serve Virginia's 7th Congressional District in the U.S. Congress.

Meet The Gen Z Candidate Florida Primary 2022 Maxwell Forst

Frost is one of the first members of Generation Z to run for Congress. Presently, he won the Democratic primary. After the first phase, the candidate will face off against Republican Calvin Wimbish. The next election will be held in November. 

Forst said in a statement, 'Today's election is evidence that Central Florida's operating families want representation that dares to ask for more.' He added that the candidate shared the victory with the community who supported him during the campaign, including nurses, forklift drivers, teachers, caregivers, social workers, farmers, union organizers, cashiers, and other members. 

No matter what the results are, Maxwell Frost so proud of this campaign
No matter what the results are, Maxwell Frost so proud of this campaign( Source : facebook )

In 2012, Forst was first involved in political organizing in high school. He worked in a volunteering program like The Newtown Action Alliance. Every December, the candidate toured Washington D.C. and became a member of the National Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence. In 2013, he presented as a guest speaker at the Vigil. 

In August 2010, Forst was the cadet major at Civil Air Patrol, the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. The group runs large-scale operations concentrating on the education system in supervision and aerospace. The candidate served as production manager at March For Our Lives for nearly two years.

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