Max Djenohan and Wife Chelsea Anastasia Had A Beautiful Wedding In Villa La Semilla

Max married his long time girlfriend after almost being together for a decade
Max married his long time girlfriend after almost being together for a decade( Source : instagram )

Max Djenohan wife Chelsea Anastasia is a wellness expert. Max Djenohan and Chelsea Anastasia got married on November 11, 2022, at Villa La Semilla.

Max Djenohan is a famous television personality who is known for his appearances in Naked and Afraid and the recent series Race To Survive Alaska as a semi-professional snowboarder.

The Seattle resident is an outdoor enthusiast who prefers to be outside in the snow.

Max is a nature photographer who sells many of his prints on his official website, in addition to being an athlete and survivalist.

Max is always looking for an adventure, whether he is in the middle of nowhere or close to home.

Djenohan bought his first camera at the age of 24 to document his adventures in the Cascades and beyond. At the age of 25, he started hiking and documenting his adventures.

Max Djenohan Wife Chelsea Anastasia Pello

Max Djenohan wife Chelsea Anastasia Pello is a heliophiliac. She enjoys adventure and enjoys being outside along with his partner.

As her Instagram bio suggests, she is a follower of functional health and wellness, as well as a believer in Holistic Human Optimization.

Chelsea is an adventurous woman who enjoys traveling and participating in outdoor activities. Her Instagram account is proof of this. She and her husband have visited beautiful places together.

She was born in the Philippines and spent her childhood there with her mother and grandfather, whom she adores. At the age of 94, her grandfather passed away in 2020.

The family is originally from the Philippines, and they later moved to America for unknown reasons, however, according to information, her ancestor still lives in her birth country.

Chelsea is a amid believer of Holistic Human Optimization and follower of functional health and wellness
Chelsea is a amid believer of Holistic Human Optimization and follower of functional health and wellness( Source : instagram )

She has one younger sister with whom she has spent her childhood. She posted her picture a few years back on her Instagram handle congratulating her on her graduation. 

Chelsea and her mother have a close bond, and she is grateful for her and her existence, as evidenced by an appreciation picture of her mother on her social media account.

Max and Chelsea Had An Intimate Wedding

Max and Chelsea got married in December 8, 2022. They dated for almost a decade before walking down the aisle.

As they both are very outgoing and nature-loving individuals, they clicked with each other after their first meet, and now the rest is history.

Chelsea has stated that it was not easy and it is not easy to maintain everything in a relationship but the good part is they decided to make this relationship work by sorting everything out.

The Couple Met Each Other In 2013

Since both of them share the same enthusiasm for outdoor activities, they met each other while snowboarding.

After their first encounter with each other, they started meeting once in a while and dating properly. 

After going on a date for few times, they realized that they are way too compatible with each other as they share similar interests.

They Decided To Move In Together In 2014

After knowing each other for a year, they were so into each other and took the relationship to another level.

They were happy and moved in together and started living like a real couple. Chelsea decided to open up about their relationship after a year of moving in together.

Max and his partner dediced to move in together in 2015
Max and his partner dediced to move in together in 2015( Source : instagram )

In 2015, on Max's birthday, she posted for the first time wishing him a happy birthday, hinting to everyone that they were in a relationship.

The Duo Got Engaged In 2019

They had a full-blown surprise romantic engagement in the middle of Reflection Canyon Utah. It was a dream proposal for every girl out there. 

They got engaged on April 28, 2019, while they were traveling in a beautiful Reflection Canyon Utah. 

Max proposes his long time girlfriend in 2019
Max proposes his long time girlfriend in 2019( Source : instagram )

Chelsea posted their engagement picture two days later with a very beautiful caption that says," I said YES at Reflection Canyon. YES to my absolute best friend who somehow managed to take me by surprise."

They Finally Married on December 11, 2022

The couple decided to get married after finally being in a romantic relationship for two long years. Amber and Mike got married on December 11, 2022.

They both were extremely excited about their marriage, and Chelsea was already doing the countdown on her Instagram account.

The duo got married on December 11, 2022 on a beautiful villa
The duo got married on December 11, 2022 on a beautiful villa( Source : instagram )

Their wedding looked like a fairy tale. The couple looked absolutely amazing wearing their wedding dresses and tuxedos.

They did a very intimate wedding with their close friends and family.

The couple got married in a beautiful venue Villa La Semilla. Later on their Instagram handle they thank their close friends and family who made time to attend their auspicious day.

Max Djenohan Is A Survival Expert

Max Djenohan Race To Survive Alaska premieres on April 3, 2023. It has received a lot of appreciation and good reviews from the audience.

The USA Network's latest adventure reality show Race to Survive Alaska is about survival skills, mental toughness, and pure grit.

Max has also appeared in round 2 of Naked and Afraid. Similarly, he participated in the show's 14-day challenge in 2018. The show follows four survivalists exploring the jungles of Panama's Isla San Jose.

Max Naked and Afraid is a famous Discovery Channel reality show about survival skills. It premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2013 and has since aired for 11 seasons and 118 episodes. 

Race to survice Alaska was premiered on April 3, 2023
Race to survice Alaska was premiered on April 3, 2023( Source : instagram )

It follows the lives of two survivalists, usually a man and a woman, who meet for the first time in a dangerous, desolate location and are tasked with surviving a 21-day stay in the wilderness naked.

In the show, the participant who wants to survive must locate and produce their water, food, shelter, and clothing within their surroundings.

They attempt to survive in harsh conditions with only one personal item, knowing that the only prize is their pride and sense of accomplishment. 

Max is a survival expert, and he likes to participate in these types of risky challenges as it gives him a sense of accomplishment and power to face any obstacle that happens to arise in the future.

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