Matthew Pottinger Religion: Is He Jewish? What We Know About The Jan 6 Hearings Witness

Matthew Pottinger
Matthew Pottinger( Source : cnn )

The brawl at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, was the final straw for Matthew Pottinger, a former journalist and White House official who testified before the House Committee on Thursday.

As the violence unfolded, Mr. Pottinger, Mr. Trump's deputy national security adviser, was there at the White House. Mr. Pottinger submitted his resignation after watching the violence take place and seeing how the former president handled the situation.

Matthew Pottinger Religion: Is He Jewish?

Matthew Pottinger's religion is often discussed due to his indulgence in admiring Jewish culture. This is why people think he might be religiously inclined to Moses. Further, his looks have also been associated with Judaism, a blatant stereotype going strong in the social media world. Few hints here and there, and netizens put their heart out to directing possibilities on the Internet. 

 A former deputy national security adviser for the United States was a member of the joint US-Israel committee when Trump was still in office. In the meantime, a Jewish insider expressed that he was openly supporting Israel. In addition, between 2005 and 2010, the former U.S. Marine deployed to both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Despite all this, he has never spoken about his religious belief anywhere. Hence, Matthew may or may not be Jewish or Christian; it can never be determined unless he chooses to reveal it himself. Supporting a group of people is a different thing altogether. We tend to give our hands to a group of people just out of humanity as well and need not believe what they believe. 

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Matthew Pottinger Jan 6 Testimony Details

Pottinger is all set to testify before the committee relating to the Jan 6 riot one more time. Previously, he had already given his statement, and the media along with the public is even more curious this time around.

Pottinger claimed that he chose to resign after former President Donald Trump tweeted that former Vice President Mike Pence should have shown more guts during a portion of his previously recorded video testimony that the committee aired during a hearing in June.

In the testimony that was recorded, Pottinger claimed that once he had read the tweet, that is where he knew he was leaving that day.

Pottinger holds the title of distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, a public policy think tank that carries out research to address issues including improving educational performance and boosting economic development.


Who Are Matthew Pottinger's Parents?

Matthew Pottinger was born to his parents, Gloria Anderson and John Stanley Pottinger. 

John Stanley, his father, is a lawyer and novelist. He was a banker in the 1980s before becoming a political leader who was well-known for his nominations involving civil rights. The former US marine has two siblings.

Pottinger got married to Dr. Yen Pottinger, and the couple has two kids. Pottinger indicated that he and his family would move to Utah after leaving his position in 2021.

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