Who Is Matt Nye? Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner Was Together With His Partner

Matt Nye and Wenner together in a event
Matt Nye and Wenner together in a event( Source : co )

Matt Nye is most popularly known to be the partner of Jann Simon Wenner, also known as Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone. American magazine tycoon Jann Simon Wenner, Matt's business partner, co-founded the popular culture publication Rolling Stone and was once the publisher of Men's Journal.

Furthermore, he took part in the Free Speech Movement while a student at Berkeley, California's University of California. In 1967, Wenner and Ralph J. Gleason, his mentor, co-founded Rolling Stone.

Wenner co-founded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and other magazines later in his career. Additionally, as a publisher and public figure, he has drawn criticism for favouritism in choosing Hall of Fame inductees, for the dissolution of his marriage to the eccentric journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and for the prejudiced reviews of his magazine. As a matter of fact, Jann Wenner also got the Norman Mailer Award in 2010 for her lifetime contributions to magazine publishing.

Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner's Partner: Who Is Matt Nye? 

Matt Nye is a well-known professional model and fashion designer. Moreover, he even spent some time modelling for Calvin Klein. Nevertheless, he is most recognized for being Jann Wenner's domestic partner.

They have been married for more than 20 years as same-sex partners. According to the reports, Matt Nye and Jann Wenner, the creator of rolling stone, have been dating since 1995. Interestingly, Wenner and Nye have three children altogether: Noah and the identical twins Jude and India Rose were delivered via surrogate moms.

Media tycoon Jann Wenner with partner designer Matt Nye
Media tycoon Jann Wenner with partner designer Matt Nye( Source : co )

On the other hand, Jane Schindelheim, Jann Wenner's ex-wife, was his first wife. He revealed to Jane that he had fallen in love with the young fashion designer Matt Nye after 26 years of marriage. Wenner and Jane Schindelheim were wed in a small Jewish wedding in the summer of 1967, following the launch of Rolling Stone.

Although they divorced in 1995, Jane Wenner is still a vice president at Wenner Media. Alexander Jann, Theodore "Theo" Simon, and Edward Augustus, also known as Gus, who oversees Wenner Media's digital operations, are the couple's three sons.

Where Is Matt Nye Today?

Matt Nye and Jann Wenner are still together as of today. They have been living their happily married life as a gay couple. Talking about, Matt Nye's whereabouts as of today, he is currently residing in New York, the United States of America with his partner. The pair does not seem to be much active on social media platforms due to which it is quite difficult to explore their travelling destinations and vacations. 

Along with Jann's children from his marriage to Jane, Matt Nye and Wenner have been together for many years and are parenting three children they had through surrogacy. Likewise, the founder of Rolling Stone, however, divorced his wife of 43 years two decades after their breakup in order to start a new life as a gay man.

Since then, all three have continued their peculiar arrangement but have now divided Wenner Media, increasing the founder's estimated net worth to $500 million.

Jann Wenner with his ex-wife Jane
Jann Wenner with his ex-wife Jane( Source : people )

Furthermore, the New York Post claims that Mr. Wenner and his ex-wife already placed the business in a trust, which will continue to divide the revenues. Moreover, their three children, as well as cousins and nephews, now share ownership. In a similar vein, Jane Wenner, who divorced her husband 16 years ago, is still a vice president at Wenner Media, which she co-founded in 1967.

Matt Nye's Net Worth

Name: Matt Nye
Net Worth: $ 50 to $ 100 Million (approx)
Monthly Salary: $ 100,000 (approx)
Annual Income: $ 10 Million (approx)
Source of Wealth: Fashion Designer and Model

Matt Nye's net worth is estimated to be around $ 50 million USD. On the other hand, the net worth of Jann Wenner is estimated to be around $ 600 million USD. Together, their combined net worth might range anywhere between $ 650 million USD to $ 900 million USD. However, the exact net worth of Matt has not been revealed on the internet yet.

Nevertheless, being a successful fashion designer and model for big brands such as Calvin Klein, Matt Nye's net worth is believed to be millions of dollars. In contrast, his partner Jann Simon Wenner is the co-founder and publisher of the music publication Rolling Stone, as well as the proprietor of the periodicals Men's Journal and US Weekly. As per the reports, he makes the majority of his money as an actor and film producer.

In September 2016, Wenner reportedly sold a 49% share in Rolling Stone to BandLab Technologies, a Singaporean business. The editorial content of the journal will not directly benefit the new investor, it was stated. Wenner introduced Glixel, a website for video games, in October 2016. Wenner Media stated in September 2017 that it will be selling 51% of Rolling Stone. Later on, BandLab sold the remaining interest to Penske Media Corporation.

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