Mariel Molino Eye Color Is The Result Of Heterochromia

Mariel at the premiere of Promise Land in 2022
Mariel at the premiere of Promise Land in 2022( Source : instagram )

Mariel Molino has heterochromia resulting in a blue and brown eye color. She has two different colors in her eyes.

Mariel has been talking of the town these days, thanks to her role in The Watchful Eye.

The drama mystery thriller television was released on January 30, 2023, and people loved her in the role. 

She plays the lead role, Elena, in the series, and it is her second television job in the United States.

She has had a passion for acting since a young age. She studied at various prestigious institutions to develop her skills. 

However, coming from a Mexican heritage where none of her family members are involved in the industry, they were scammed a few times.

They would pay for agents when figuring out how it all worked. 

She had her share of hard work to get recognition in the industry. And, with the new series, it seems that she will have a new career breakthrough.

But, some fans are concerned about one unique thing about her- her colorful eyes. 

Mariel Molino Has Colorful Eyes

Mariel Molino eye color is blue in one eye and brown in the other eye. This is the result of her condition. 

The phrase can also refer to variations in skin color, hair, or the iris. The different eye color is called heterochromia iridium or iridium.

Mariel at Dirty French on November 30, 2022
Mariel at Dirty French on November 30, 2022( Source : instagram )

As per Mountsinai, it might be inherited or caused by chimerism, genetic mosaicism, illness, or trauma. Both people and specific types of domesticated animals can develop it. 

The actress has had different eye colors since birth, but whether it is hereditary or caused by some other factors is not clarified yet.

She has not shared many details about her eyes. She has had blue and brown colored eyes since childhood. 

Her Transformation Over The Years

Mariel has shared a few glimpses of her childhood on her Instagram. However, as seen in the picture she shared on her Instagram, she seems to have had condition since birth. 

Mariel shares images from her childhood on her Instagram
Mariel shares images from her childhood on her Instagram( Source : instagram )

Nevertheless, she has not shared much about how she got the condition.

But when Steve Varley said that the new show where she starred as a main lead embraced and used the different color of her eyes and asked her if she felt it had helped her career, she disagreed with the statement. 

The actress shared that she had done projects where people suggested she put on contact lenses to make it look the same color, and one of her co-stars told her that her eyes were distracting to look at her. 

She added that she grew up having different eyes, which made her feel that she was weird.

The 30-year-old actress would see other people with the same eye color, but hers were different. But she loves it and calls herself a mutant. 

She has been working in the industry for over five years now, but there has been no such transformation in her facial features. She has only matured as a woman and developed her career into something big. 

Mariel Role in The Watchful Eye

The Watchful Eye follows a young girl, Elena Santos, with a complicated past.

The story follows how she maneuvers her way into working as a live-in nanny for a wealthy family in Manhattan. She quickly learns that everyone in the mysterious building has deadly secrets and ulterior motives. 

Mariel as Elena in The Watchful Eye
Mariel as Elena in The Watchful Eye( Source : instagram )

Mariel plays the role of Elena in The Watchful Eye. It is her second job in the television industry in the U.S.

She shared with Hollywood Reporter how she was amid a supporting role on Promised Land when she got the call to audition in the series. She is happy about it but says seeing her face on billboards is still weird. 

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