UK Man Malcolm Macdonald And His Arm Story Takes Up The Internet

A UK man, Malcolm MacDonald, has been living with an arm where his private parts are attached for six years. He had been living without private parts between his legs. 

A horrific perineum infection that turned into sepsis caused his pe**s to come off while he was in the toilet in 2014. After the tragedy, he became addicted to drinking, and his life went downhill until he discovered that there was still hope for him.

As mentioned in Mirro UK, a doctor was able to make him a new £50,000 designer body part at the taxpayers' cost. However, when his new part arrived in 2015, he did not have enough oxygen in his blood to properly place it, so the 15cm body part was temporarily attached to his arm. 

The health delay and the pandemic delayed removing the body part and attaching it to the right place. As a result, he spent more time with it than he had bargained. 

However, now it is fixed in the right place. He does not have it attached din his arm any longer. 

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What Exactly Happened To Malcolm Macdonald?

Malcolm Macdonald had been living with his private parts attached to his arm. His male organ fell off when he suffered from a serious infection in 2014. 

Initially, doctors had no hope for him, which caused his life to go downhill as he turned to alcohol to drink away his sorrow. However, in 2015 the doctors had an idea that gave him some hope. 

But he had to pay the price for it. He lived with an arm where his male organs were attached for six years. As it has been relocated to the right place, he shares that those were days of horror.

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Who Are Malcolm Macdonald Children?

Malcolm Macdonald has children, but he has not revealed their details yet. But, he had mentioned that he could not enjoy outings with his kids because of his situation. 

It saddens him to think that he missed most things in the last six years.