How Much Do Maine Cabin Masters Make Per Episode?

The renovation show is about renovating the cabin houses.
The renovation show is about renovating the cabin houses.( Source : twitter )

Maine Cabin Masters make $7000 per episode on the show. The salary is dependent on the experience and seniority on the show.

Maine Cabin Masters crew makes their money from both the show and the clients that pay for the cabins they build. The price for cabin construction is paid by the owners.

This leads to the price of building or remodeling the cabin being lower than usual for any other building shows from the same and other channels.

Maine Cabin Masters is a reality TV show premiered on Magnolia TV in 2017. The show presents brother-sister siblings Chase and Ashley rebuilding the cabins.

Chase and their team renovate the old dilapidated camps and cabins only around the state of Maine to give them a brand new feeling which will last them for a long time.

The show has already completed its eighth season till now. The new season arrives on May 23, 2023 on discovery+/max.

How Much Do Maine Cabin Masters Make Per Episode?

Maine Cabin Masters make up to $30000 per episode on the show. The channel pays for their construction fee on the renovation work.

Maine Cabin Masters has a total of five team members in their company, and each of the five individuals has their own work and their own salary given by the network.

The team members of the show include Chase Morrill, Ashley Morrill, Ryan Eldridge, Matthew 'Dixie' Dix and Jared 'Jedi' Baker. The team had another member named Lance Gatcomb.

The star left the show after the third season and has not returned yet.

Each team member of the show earns a different amount per episode, however, the brother-sister Morill duo earns more than other members of the reality show.

According to Tuko, Chase, the owner of the Kennebec Cabin Company and one of the lead stars of the show earns about $30,000 per episode. The reality star is one of the main characters in the show.

Wild Bill is one of the guest star and family friend of Morrills.
Wild Bill is one of the guest star and family friend of Morrills.( Source : instagram )

The star learned all of the basics of building from his late father Erik Morrill who passed away in 2014. Since then, he has been handling the company along with his sister.

Along with Chase, his sister Ashley also earns almost the same amount of salary of $30,000 per episode.

While Chase is the one who manages the company, Ashley is the one behind all the designs of the cabin that they build for the client. And she is quite a competent one at her work.

Two members of the show Ryan Eldridge and Matthew 'Dixie' Dix's salary have not been disclosed. Ryan himself is a very private person and mostly loves things about him private.

Ashley is filled different kinds of design ideas on her head.
Ashley is filled different kinds of design ideas on her head.( Source : instagram )

Matthew, on the other hand, is one of the two members outside of Chase and Ashley's family, along with Jared. Since Matthew's salary per episode has not been given, the fans can only guess.

Jared, the partner of Matthew is said to have an earning of about $7,000 per episode. Comparing that, Mattew should have a salary almost similar to Jared's.

Similar to Maine Cabin Masters, other shows of the Magnolia show such as Barnwood Builders' main cast Mark Bowe earns about $20,000 to $29,000 per episode.

Similarly, another show on the network called Fixer Upper: Welcome Home is one of the best-rated shows on the channel. The host star of the show earns about $30,000.

So, the salary earned by the star of Maine Cabin Masters is comparable to the other shows on the network.

How Do Cabin Masters Make Money?

Cabin Masters makes their money by taking payment from both the client side and the production house.

In many building and renovation projects reality shows, the renovation cost for a single home or even a single room sometimes is more expensive than the house that is built.

On the other hand, the clients have their houses remodeled, renovated and built from bottom to top at quite a low price.

In shows such as Fixer Upper and Home Town, the budget can be seen as a bit limited for the types of services the clients receive. But the people don't get free stuff in large amounts.

In these kinds of reality shows, the fee for the host or the stars that lead shows are paid by the talent agencies, and clients don't need to pay anything for that.

Ashley and Ryan has been married for a long time.
Ashley and Ryan has been married for a long time.( Source : instagram )

But for the Maine Cabin Masters show, the Cabin Masters take only take a certain fee for the remodeling and renovation, and the rest is for the materials of the cabin they need to build.

This causes the cost of the cabins they make quite low but since quality items are added, clients seem quite happy.

The five-member team of cabin masters takes as up to $30,000 for a single cabin restoration project. These kinds of projects were not much in earlier days but the projects have picked some paces.

The show is one of the major factors for the increase in the number of projects. Recently, due to covid, many people wanted to live off-grid.

And people can't make their own cabin houses. So this reason has led to an increase in the company's revenue.

Aside from the cabin projects, the reality show has also been a major income for the team members.

Maine Cabin Masters Cast Net Worth

Maine Cabin Masters cast net worths represent the success of their show on the network.

Chase Morrill

Chase is one of the most important characters in the show, where the projects for the renovation of cabins come to his company most of the time.

Chase is the owner of Kennebec Cabin Company.
Chase is the owner of Kennebec Cabin Company.( Source : instagram )

He is also the owner of Kennebec Cabin Company. Plus the earnings from the show Maine Cabin Masters are quite large compared to most of the crews on the show. His salary is $30,000 per episode.

He also operates his podcast channel where he talks about different aspects of the show and different other topics. Therefore, the reality star has a total net worth of $600,000.

Ashley Morrill Eldridge

Ashley is the younger sister of Chase and has been close to each other for many years. Ashley is one of the integral parts of the restoration company and renovation crew.

Ashley is the designer of Cabin.
Ashley is the designer of Cabin.( Source : instagram )

Rather than doing some heavy lifting, she performs most of her work in designing the renovated house. Her task even includes choosing paint for the renovation cabins.

Although Chase may look older than Ashley due to his beard, he is younger than Ashley. Ashley currently has a net worth of $460,000 which also includes her own company called Rustic County.

Ryan Eldridge

Ryan is the husband of Ashley and brother-in-law of Chase. And he works as a foreman for the Kennebec Cabin Company and is the main carpenter during the show.

Ryan is married to Ashley and is the carpenter of the group.
Ryan is married to Ashley and is the carpenter of the group.( Source : instagram )

Ryan is the bridge between the siblings during the show. The design created by Ashley will be interpreted by Ryan and if something occurs, he becomes the interpreter between them.

Chase along with Ryan runs a podcast called From the Woddshed Podcast where they talk about the show. The current carpenter of the show's net worth is $400,000.

Matthew 'Dixie' Dix

Besides Chase, Matthew is one of the main builders on the show. Besides working for Chase, Matthew has known both siblings for a long time as they were childhood friends.

Matthew has known Morrill sibling from his childhood.
Matthew has known Morrill sibling from his childhood.( Source : instagram )

He has good carpentry skills, which is immensely helpful in the overall work of the building team. Due to his laid-back and friendly nature, he is called Dixie.

Although his exact salary is not much known, his net worth is estimated to be more than $300,000.

Jared 'Jedi' Baker

Jared is also one of the prominent members of the show Maine Cabin Masters. Initially, he was not a regular member. But later, his can-do spirit helped him to be a part of the team.

Jared also plays as a goalie for local ice hockey team.
Jared also plays as a goalie for local ice hockey team.( Source : instagram )

He is a skillful craftsman who can easily find his way in any difficult situation. He has been practicing his craft since he completed his high school.

Besides being cast in the show, he also plays as a goalie on the local ice hockey team. Though he doesn't have much earnings, he does earn some. Due to his inheritance, his net worth is $750,000.

Some FAQs

How Do Maine Cabin Masters Make Money?

Maine Cabin Masters make money through construction work and being show cast. Other than that, they also run their own companies.

How Much Do Maine Cabin Masters Make Per Episode?

Maine Cabin Masters make arounf $7,000 to $30,000 per episode on the show.

What Are Maine Cabin Masters Net Worth?

Maine Cabin Master's net worth ranges from $300,000 to $750,000.

Where Is Maine Cabin Masters Located?

Maine Cabin Masters is located at 915 Western Ave, Manchester, Maine.

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