Why Did Madison Cowan Get Disqualified In Tournament of Champions?

He preparing his dish for the judges in the competition TOC
He preparing his dish for the judges in the competition TOC( Source : twitter )

Madison Cowan was disqualified in TOC because he couldn't present all his dishes on time. Madison is the only chef to be disqualified from the show.

The British chef was the first champion of the food network cooking competition Chopped. 

He also co-starred in the BBC travel series No Kitchen Required and appeared as the judge on Food Network's Extreme Chef.

Cowan was recently part of the Tournament of Champion cooking show.

The show is about competition between outstanding chefs where they face off with their challenge and are chosen winner by the judges who taste their dish.

Their dishes are judged by iconic chefs like Eric Ripert, Lorena Garcia, and Alex Guranaschelli.

In this season, sixteen chefs go head to head in a series of challenges using ingredients and special cooking tools.

Why Did Madison Cowan Get Disqualified?

Madison Cowan got disqualified becasue he did not serve his dish before the time ran out. Madison is the co-owner of Avenue Inc.

He was out of the show for not having a proper dish with the randomizer ingredient.

The issues started when he didn't even have half of the dish and only used three-fourths of the randomizer.

Season three of the competition had to deal with the controversy a few weeks later after his disqualification. Christian Petroni also forgot to put the ingredient on the dish.

But he was not disqualified from the show which made people assume why both contestants were treated differently.

The viewers also discussed the incident on Reddit as one user posted that things seemed off in the battle between Amanda Freitag and Cowan.

He went head to head in a competition against Stephanie Izard
He went head to head in a competition against Stephanie Izard ( Source : twitter )

His removal from the show was posted on Food Network's social media page numerous times before the premiere of its fourth season.

He showed a great attitude towards the judge's decision to not judge his food.He was still plating the food even after the buzzer rang.

Cowan was aware that it was not ethical to do the competition like that and was respectful of the decision.

He was the most successful Chopped champion and was familiar with cooking competition rules and timing.

Madison Cowan Battled Stephanie Izard on TOC 4

Madison batteled Stephanie Izard on TOC season 4 epsiode 3. Their battle was in the fourth round of the episode.

Madison has six seeds but was unfortunately taken out from the show because he didn't finish the competition and had a face-off with a TOC newcomer who has three seeds.

While Stephanie is the first female winner of the Top Chef and has lots of famous restaurants of her own.

During their competition, they randomized ingredients like top round steak, yellow squash, manual food processor, and spices.

The ingredient that has been selected for the competition between him and Izard
The ingredient that has been selected for the competition between him and Izard( Source : twitter )

The contestant agreed to move the protein to chicken wings as they used wildcard for one ingredient.

She made grilled chicken wings in a six-chili caramel glaze with tempura squash with the help of Simon.

Whereas, Madison made spicy kara-age chicken wings with cheesy yellow squash puree.

The competition did not go smoothly for Izard as her caramel glaze burned and she had to remake it.

Judges were presented with Madison's dish first and Andrew liked the puree but wanted the wings to be more crunchy.

Other Judges liked the spice level of the dish and the squash sauce.

When it came to Stepphaine's dish every one liked her dish and said it was perfect. They rated both the dishes 85 and 86 so there was only 1 point margin.

The dish created by Cowan presented to the judges of the show.
The dish created by Cowan presented to the judges of the show.( Source : twitter )

Stephanie won with just one point ahead of him, and was a neck-to-neck battle between them.

Cowan later tweeted that he was retiring from competition shows considering his age and experience.

The episode where they battled was very interesting as delicious foods, and new chefs were introduced on the show.

Other competitions were between Nate Appleman and Adam Sobel, Tracey Shepos Cenami vs Shirley Chung, and Maneet Chauhan vs Jonathon Sawyer.

The show will have its final opening round next week and the fans are looking forward to supporting their favorite chef.

However, it is sad news for Madison's fans as he is out of the competition.

Madison Announced His Retirement From Competition

Madison announced his retirement from competition after his loss in TOC.

He announced his retirement from his competitive journey in a tweet that said "Cheers all, & welcomes to everyone new to the fold! I greatly appreciate your constant support on #TournamentofChampions, and throughout my competitive journey Stateside. I'm done. But I'll have more important, entertaining & passionate TV for you soon come, & on my own terms!"

His fans support his decision and took over Twitter to show their interest. One user Tweeted that his loss to an Iron chef is not a reason to retire and he should compete for more.

Another user posted that he should change his mind, and she thought that his dish was very beautiful.

In 2010, he appeared on the food network hit primetime series Chopped. Since then, his journey on a television cooking show started. 

He won three consecutive episodes to become the first-ever Grand Champion.

Following appearances on NBC’s Today Show and CBS This Morning, in April of 2012 he was victorious on Iron Chef America.

Madison returned to the tube in late 2013 as a recurring judge in Food Network’s delectable series of chance, Kitchen Casino.

While he has retired from competing, he is working heavily in charity programs. One of the most notable of them is his endeavors which include advocating globally on behalf of the Alzheimer Association.

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