What Happened To Madeleine Eiss From Case Western Reserve? Sophomore Tennis Player Passed Away As University Pays Tribute

MAdeleine Eiss died earlier this week unexpectedly, Obituary, death cause, and tribute
MAdeleine Eiss died earlier this week unexpectedly, Obituary, death cause, and tribute( Source : buffalonews )

Rising Sophomore Women's Tennis Player Madeleine Eiss died earlier this week and her University Case Western Reserve paid tribute to her demise.

Her demise has been confirmed by an online post by the University. Know details of her death cause, obituary, and Twitter tribute.

What Happened To Madeleine Eiss From Case Western Reserve?

Madeleine Eiss, who passed away earlier this week in her birthplace of Clarence Center in western New York, is remembered by the campus community today. She had recently concluded her first year at Case Western Reserve, majoring in neurosciences with plans to go to medical school.

At the time this article was published, the details of her death were unknown.

The rising Sophomore Women's tennis Player's unexpected demise has caused the internet still today and everybody on Twitter is showering condolescense to her family and relatives. Everybody will greatly miss the gorgeous lady.

Madeleine Eiss family Obituary

A hardworking student and an ardent tennis player said goodbye from among us today. Yes, we are talking about Madeleine Eiss who just passed away earlier this week.

Her father James Eiss said how much she enjoyed school, classes, and everyday life.

According to thedaily.case.edu, Eiss survived by a younger brother Matthew, and a younger sister, Monica alongside her parents.

Her family honored her funeral rite and death rituals. We wish that may God gives strength to the family, friends, and relatives to bear the loss of the rising star. Moreover, she will always be remembered. May her soul rest in peace.

Madeleine Eiss Passed Away: A Tribute From Case Western Reserve

Ask people about Madeleine and "Ferocious" will be one of the first words you hear. It demonstrated her tenacity and fierce competitiveness on the tennis court—and, more importantly, her dedication to her friends.

Her teammate anna Kan said that she was always willing to compete to the finish in a tennis match.


Her navigator James Eller praised her for being always right on top of things. He recalled that she was such a great student and was just a standout during the interview process.

The young tennis pro didn't want to see her friends in pain, so she would come over bearing honey and tea, her flatmate revealed.

The whole college today is mourning her demise. She will be in the heart and mind of the university and her friends forever.

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