NIJISANJI EN Followers Want To Know More About Luca Kaneshiro, His Past Life & Real Identity

Luca Kaneshiro is one of the male livers from NIJISANJI EN project
Luca Kaneshiro is one of the male livers from NIJISANJI EN project( Source : co )

Luca Kaneshiro from NIJISANJI EN has a past life and identity as a Mafia boss. As per his description stated by the group, he has a violent past.

Luca Kaneshiro is a Vtuber who was introduced as a Liver by NIJISANJI EN in its fourth wave, Luxiem. He made his debut along with other male livers like Shu Yamino, Ike Eveland, Mysta Rias, and Vox Akuma. 

Even though his real face and identity hasn't been revealed to the fans, Luca's past life and his identity have been revealed in order to provide fans with some backstory. 

V-Tubing as an area of expertise has been a common thing in East Asian societies, but more recently with the rise of Vtubers and globalization, the concept has landed a market in US along with other English-speaking countries. 

Vtubers are YouTube live-streamers who use a virtual avatar for amusement and live-streaming. These YouTubers do not reveal their identities on the internet but work under a persona created by the group they all under.

NIJISANJI EN's Luca Kaneshiro Past Life and Previous Identity

Luca Kaneshiro's past life involves him as a mafia boss who has a short temper but some sour disposition. He is identified as someone always ready to fight either to show off his stature or to protect the weak. 

One of his most exciting traits is how his persona indicates a character who is evil and mean but also a sweet and energetic person. Despite having a pretty dark and troubled past, he can be naive and innocent at times. He has also been compared to a golden retriever because of his nature.

Luca Kaneshiro illustrated by designers while with his pet
Luca Kaneshiro illustrated by designers while with his pet( Source : co )

His past identity and experiences reflect in his outfits as he wears large fur coats and suits, indicating his past identity as a gang member. He announced himself as a very outgoing person and the most extroverted member of the group. 

He also said that he could make friends easily because of his nature. In one of his streams, he announced that he could easily walk up to strangers and start conversations. He was also the first liver to make his debut.

He is well-known for his frequent use of the term "POG." From time to time, he can be astonishingly naïve and dense. Luca is also the most influential in his use of Internet slang. The group also revealed that he has the largest chest size in all of the livers.

Luca Kaneshiro has a past identity of a Mafia boss
Luca Kaneshiro has a past identity of a Mafia boss( Source : co )

NIJISANJI EN held two auditions on June 18, 2021, one of which was particularly for male Livers. Male-only auditions were held through August 1.

The fourth wave, "Luxiem," was released on December 17, 2021, according to NIJISANJI EN, who also released a clip previewing the new Livers' designs and sounds.

Luca launched his YouTube channel and Twitter account on the same day, December 1, 2021. He sent his first tweet on December 17, 2021.

Luca Kaneshiro Real Face and Face Reveal as Joseph From Twitch

Luca Kaneshiro hasn't revealed his face to the public yet. Lucas's mascot is a lion, Augustus, who frequently bites him.

Reddit forums and discussions have made certain revelations about Luca with one of the user mentioning that he left twitch a couple of months ago to become a vtuber on youtube. Joseph from Twitch deleted all the VODs/highlights and doesn't seem to use it anymore before moving over to Youtube.

As of 2022, Luca is 23 years old. He was born on April 10, 1998.

On December 20, 2021, he made his live stream debut. He indicated that he enjoyed jewelry, finery, gambling, tattoos, cuisine, athletics, horror games, NIJISANJI, detested bugs, flying bugs, veggies, seafood, puzzle games, and reading. Running, voice acting, singing, gaming, and playing the guitar were his favorite pastimes.

Poppy Playtime, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Shining Pearl, Outlast II, Jump King, Amnesia: Dark Descent, and Doki Doki Literature Club were among the games he enjoyed after his debut. He would frequently voice over the characters in the latter.

A detailed look at Luca Kaneshiro's outfits and accessories
A detailed look at Luca Kaneshiro's outfits and accessories( Source : twitter )

NIJISANJI EN is a branch within NIJISANJI project which caters to the English-speaking community and fans by introducing English-speaking livers. Livers are streamers who have been given distinct names in order to distinguish them from the other Vtubers.

While choosing the personality for Luca, the team explained him as a smart individual who is always ready for a fight either for his own advantage or to protect the weak.

Luca Kaneshiro Wikipedia Explored

Luca was the first group to make their debut when Luxiem debuted on the NIJISANJI EN channel on December 20, 2021, as part of a special launch show hosted by Elira Pandora and Oliver Evans. Following that, all five Luxiem members appeared on the main channel.

Playing UNO with Nina, Shu, and Mysta was his debut collaboration. Luca's third was The Forest with Shu, Nina, Elira, Selen, and Rosemi, where he joined the NijiEN Minecraft server with the rest of Luxiem. Elira, Reimu, and Ike have all played Devour with him. He and Ike also appeared in the film A Way Out.



He appeared in Episode 12 of Ironmouse's show, Speak of the Devil.

"Hope in the Dark," Luxiem's first original song, was published shortly after the show. ChibaNyan, who also wrote and produced Ethyria's debut single "God Sees All," composed and produced this song.

Some FAQs

How old is Luca Kaneshiro?

Luca Kaneshiro is 23 years old.

What is Luca Kaneshiro's past identity?

Luca Kaneshiro's past identity is a Mafia boss.

Has Luca Kaneshiro done a face reveal?

No, Luca Kaneshiro has not done a face reveal.

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