Where Was Love In The Great Smoky Mountains Filmed?

Love In The Great Smoky Mountains
Love In The Great Smoky Mountains( Source : twitter )

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains was filmed in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Fall Creek Falls State Park and Knoxville in 2023.

The hallmark channel is all set to release yet another romantic movie this year. This movie is perfect to watch during the Labor Day weekends.

Directed by the renowned director Danny J. Boyle and written by Bruce D. Johnson, the movie is produced by Robert Ballo and Robin Conly.

The plot of the film revolves around Haley and Rob who used to be former sweethearts, fate again brought them together in each other's life.

The two archeologists are working on a research project in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and their journey of love begins.

Love In The Great Smoky Mountains falls under the national park romance category; recently released Love in Zion National also falls under the same category.

The new movie will be available to watch on the Hallmark channel on September 2, 2023. The fans are excited to see this beautiful duo in Hallmark movies.

Where Was Love In The Great Smoky Mountains Filmed?

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains was filmed entirely in the Smoky Mountains. It is located in the southeastern United States with parts in North Carolina and Tennessee.

We can clearly see the bits and pieces of this beautiful national park in the trailer of the movie. That huge beautiful waterfall looked amazing in the movie.

The movie was shot for 13 days in the Smoky Mountains; it first started with the hiking trail, then Fall Creek Falls, and after that, the shoot was in Downtown Knoxville.

There are also a few scenes from Dancing Bear Lodge, Townsend, Cherokee Caverns, the dragon, and from the windy road and the park of Tennessee.

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The upcoming Hallmark movie has done excellent research about the place and seems to have done justice in capturing the beautiful places around the national park.

The photographer Reid Collins added a few pictures on his Instagram from the shooting location, which looked mesmerizing in the pictures.

Ashley Ridge, the makeup artist of the National Park romance movie, also shared a few pictures from the set; she wrote that the movie has a special place in her heart and can't wait to see the final creation.

In addition to that, the Spanish filmmaker Miguel Angel Rodriguez who was also part of the film crew, shared a thread of story where he showcased the shooting experience in beautiful land.

From his picture, it was clear that the majority part of the film was shot in Tennessee, and a few part of the scenes are from North Carolina.

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Regular Hallmark movie viewers cannot wait to watch the movie to experience the beautiful scenery of America's most renowned national park.

The American Great Mountains National Park is well-known for its diversity of plant and animal life; it has a view of beautiful, breathtaking ancient mountains.

Moreover, the quality of air, green forest, and the feel of Southern Appalachian mountain culture make this national park one of the most visited sites.

This place is best known for camping, Hiking, observing wild animals, and Ranger-Led programs where you can learn about the park with a ranger.

There are various beautiful movie that was filmed in this national park, such as The Dollmaker, A Walk in the Spring Rain, Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier, Girl in Woods, The Fugitive, and more.

Meet The Cast Of Love In The Great Smoky Mountains

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains Hallmark cast consists of Arielle Kebbel as Haley, Zach Roerig as Rob, Kai Braden as Troy Winters and more.

Arielle Kebbel as Haley

Arielle appears on Love in the Great Smoky Mountains which is garnering buzz on the internet. She played the character named Haley in the movie.

She was an archaeologist by profession and was doing research on the national park when she met her former boyfriend. She was ignorant about her feelings at first but ended up falling hard.

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Arielle Kebbel has appeared in various television series. She is mostly known for being a part of the famousĀ The Vampire Diaries.

Other Arielle Kebbel Hallmark movies are A Bride for Christmas and Bridal Wave.

Before pursuing her acting career, Arielle worked full-time as a model. She got herself trained in acting from Lisa Maile Image, Modeling and Acting School in Florida.

Zach Roerig as Rob

Zach Roerig Love in the Great Smoky Mountains, is also an American actor who played the lead character in the new yet-to-be-release romantic movie as a character named Rob.

Just like Haley, he is also an archaeologist who is still in love with his former lover and hopes to get back together by winning her heart.

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The two main stars of the new romantic Hallmark movie used to be together in the series The Vampire Diaries, and both of them gained a majority of their fame from that show.

The 38-year-old Zach originally belonged to Ohio; he attended the Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Cleveland and was also an active athlete.

Addition Cast Of The Movie

  • Kai Braden as Troy Winters
  • Danielle Vega as Sky Edwards

Love In The Great Smoky Mountains Trailer And Release Date

Love In The Great Smoky Mountains release date is on September 2, 2023. The fans are excited to see this beautiful duo in Hallmark movies.

However, the channel officially announced the release date of the original Hallmark movie in mid-July on their site and social media platforms.

The channel first dropped its trailer on 12th August on YouTube and the official Hallmark site. Fans are getting restless about the movie.

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The first look of the movie gives that cozy and love is in the air vibes, the scenery looked super beautiful, and the chemistry between the actors was breathtaking.

Rob and Haley were out in the Great Smoky Mountains for 12 months as they were a part of the same project; Haley looked determined toward her work.

While Rob, along with working with his former lover, was trying very hard to get her back, at first, things did not work out, but their romance progressed over time.

The popular actor Zack was all over different series and films but had not done any Hallmark movies before this, so the excitement of the fans is understandable.

Similarly, Arielle had taken a break from the films and series, and now she is finally back in the new movie, that too a romantic movie with Zack.

Their followers have shown their happiness on the YouTube comment section as well as on other social media.

One user wrote," No wayyyyyy! Zach Roerig is in Hallmark now?! Woot, woot. Happy to have him here. And yaaasssss queen - finally Arielle Kebbel is back. Its felt like forever. I was just wondering why we haven't seen her or Jessy Schram in Hallmark for while. Happy to Arielle back."

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