Loren Schauers Forklift Accident Details And Compensation Amount, Where Is He Now?

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Loren Schauers is a 22-year-old, who had a forklift accident in 2018 where half of his body was amputated for him to survive. 

Loren Schauers is an inspiration to the people who have been feeling down in their life. The 22-year-old does not seem to be down despite his life and reality being shattered. 

Likewise, he often posts Youtube videos with his girlfriend, he is able to answer questions related to his body and his relationship with his girlfriend who has not left him behind from the start of his surgery till now. 

Learn About Loren Schauers Forklift Accident

Loren Schauers was the victim of a most frightening accident that can happen a work, he was a young laborer who was operating a forklift in a one-lane structure when cars started passing by him. 

A car passed by him and he got too close to the bridge edge and the bridge crumbled beneath him. Loren tried to jump but his leg got trapped in a seatbelt. 

Unfortunately, he fell down the bridge along with the forklift, the machine rolled three times and landed on top of him which crushed his body. 

Schauer states that he was conscious the whole time, and he was rushed to the hospital in a chopper, where rare and dangerous surgery was performed named hemicorporectomy where his body from waist down was amputated. 

Nevertheless, his girlfriend remained by his side throughout his ordeal and they are still together despite difficulties in their life. 

Compensation & Net Worth-Where Now?

The compensation that he received from the accident was not revealed but according to National Safety Council (NSC), an injured person can receive $44000 if it is a medically consulted injury. 

Similarly, he might have received more compensation, looking at the severity of the accident. Also, Loren is receiving disability benefits which are likely to take care of any financial restraints in his life. 

Moreover, after his surgery through goes fund me, people provided nearly $50,000 dollars for his expenses and financial feasibility. 

Likewise, Loren and Sabia also have youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, where their video views are more than 80 million thus they are likely to receive good monetary rewards from these social media accounts as well. 

Furthermore, he is likely to be compensated by various non-profit organizations, he is likely to have 200-300k dollars as net worth. 

Loren Schauers Mother & Family Details

Loren does not seem to talk about his family. Likewise, his girlfriend seems to be the right person, who has not left his side. His mother does seem to support him and care for him. 

Not much information is avilable about her as well. Nevertheless, she has kept her spirit strong, just like her son. 


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