Lisa Leslie

Lisa Deshaun Leslie-Lockwood is a retired American basketball player. She is one of the brightest stars of the professional basketball association, WNBA. She has held the title of Most Valuable Player of WNBA three times as well as received four gold medals in the Olympics. For the entire course of her professional basketball career she held the centre position for the Los Angeles Sparks. She was born on July 7, 1972.


Lisa was born in Gardena, California to Walter and Christine Lauren Leslie where she was raised with two siblings who were both sisters. Her father was out of the picture before her birth and she was supported by her single mother through her own business. While in middle school, she had already begun getting attention for her skills on the court. She even dominated the game in an all boys team in junior high school. During this time, she started playing as a right-handed player and mastered the sport with her both hands. She had already received several college invitations by the time she begun high school. She is married to Michael Lockwood with two children. Her Husband is professionally a writer and pilot. The pair wedded in 2006 and Lisa took a hiatus from playing to give birth to her first child. Her son was born in 2010.  


With offers from quite a few colleges including Stanford University at hand, Lisa continued playing basketball at Morningside High School and also participated in volleyball. With her on the team, her school reached state championships and she was even considered for the American Junior World team. For college, she decided on University of Southern California where she remained a star player and graduated in 1994 with a communications degree. While in college she was thrice honored as the National Player of the Year since 1992. In 1994, she received the Honda Sports Award. She was selected on the Junior National Team and competed internationally later participating in the World University Games. She also received her master’s degree from the University of Phoenix. After the establishment of WNBA in 1996, she was drafted by the state team of Los Angeles that later made it to the playoffs several times. When the Los Angeles Sparks won the WNBA finals in 2001, she was honored as the Sportswoman of the Year. She was the first player in WNBA to successfully score by performing a dunk. Playing for the Los Angeles Sparks, she set many records and was a prominent all rounder. She led her team to their second WNBA victory in 2002. That year she received the gold medal when the national team placed first in the World Championship held in China. She had similar success in her Olympic appearances too. She is a star Olympian and has received gold medals in every one of her Olympic games, making her the only player following Teresa Edwards to have won the honor. She decided to retire from professional basketball after the season of 2009.


The WNBA prodigy Lisa Leslie is said to have a net worth equaling to $5 million.


Lisa has also been keen on following her interests in modeling and acting. She has appeared in fashion magazines such as Vogue. She has appeared several times on ESPN and reality shows like The Game and Sister Sister. She has worked as a commentator for sports channels and is also seen in television commercials. She ventured into acting by appearing in the 2012 movie Think Like a Man.


Lisa Leslie is one of the most influential basketball players of the WNBA history. She enjoyed a thriving career with the Los Angeles Sparks until she retired in 2009. After her retirement, she was named as one of the fifteen of the greatest players in the WNBA all time history. She is now venturing into modeling and acting.