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One of the hot, brilliantly talented and the beautiful television personality of the United States of America, Linda Church is a well-known name in the field of media. Her captivating and mesmerizing presence on screen while she delivers the news casting and the reporting of the weather has been well appreciated. She has the undeniably effortless conductance of the forecasting and reporting of the weather conditions and made her one of the sought after presenter of the weather occurrences. Her dazzling persona and the signature presentation on-screen has fame her with the status of a celebrity of the television industry and has helped her to stabilize the reputation and acclaims. She has delivered her talented and skilful representation of anchoring and weather casting in famed networks like WNBC and WCBC to name the few.


She felt the first verse of existence in 1961 and holds an American nationality. With early interest in the fled of the weather and its conditional changes, she had the early interest to be associated with the tactfulness of the weather casting and reporting about the weather. Her enthusiastic approach to the field she loved the most made her gradually develop an educational background as a foundation to retain a career in the field of meteorology and the televised presentation of the weather formation and its effects. She was a student of University if Florida while undergoing her under graduation and completed her graduation from University of New Haven. Being a student related with meteorology, she gained the seal of the American Meteorological Society. Her brilliance in the qualification led her to pursue a career in meteorology and her captivating charisma was good enough to make it through as a starter in any network.


She began her proposition as an employee of Gainesville of Florida and searched for better opportunities travelling around to places and approaching stations in Cleveland, New Haven and Charleston. Her effortless search for the right place t land in and make out the breakthrough analysis of the weather did pay off and she garnered huge amount of experience by getting associated with several forms of network. She got approached WNBC based in New York and joined the network in 1987 until 1990 as an anchor. Then she appeared in WPIX for the broadcasting of the weekend weather format. She was an employee of the network beginning her career from 1990 until 1996 after leaving WNBC. She did garner attention from the media sources and the enrichment in her communicative skills developed with the amount of experimental opportunity she was devoured with. she had opportunities knocking her way and had the chance to host the show called Summer Fun for Kids alongside her premier college Mat Garcia in the year 2003 and who was replaced by Craig Treadway in 2007. her other accomplishments in the field of weather casting for the television network included dong morning weather casting for WPIX and her anchoring or CW11 which was first called WB11. She had her first debut of the anchoring as a weather host for the Morning New, which lasted until 2000. Apart from it she also is part of the show called Wakeup Workout that is premiered in Monday mornings.


Having a divine personality and being gifted with talents and beautiful appearance, she has been one of the sought after meteorologist and a reporter of the media field. Her outspoken presentation and the signature styles that she presents herself onscreen create a buzz among the mass and the industry. For her brilliance in the field of reporting the weather phenomena, she has been highly acclaimed, praised and honored with several awards and recognitions. She is the proud recipient of Emmy Award for National Academy of Television Arts and Science and been honored with Bet Morning News Show while she was working for the WB11 network. She got the fame of the celebrity and the status as highly deserved TV anchor.


Linda Church personal life is kept private and she has not given out her personal information to the media. She likes to live a simple live though having garnered with the reputation of a sensational personality. The hot and spectacular beauty wit cute face, sensuous physique, long slender legs and phenomenal appearance related with weather casting has not confirmed about having married or having a boyfriend. It was speculated about her having a plastic surgery, but the fact is not confirmed yet and is of no reality.