Leva Bonaparte Has Had Quite A Weight Loss Journey On Bravo's Southern Charm

Leva is one of the casts of Bravo TV’s American reality TV show Southern Charm
Leva is one of the casts of Bravo TV’s American reality TV show Southern Charm( Source : instagram )

Leva Bonaparte of Southern Charm underwent plastic surgery shortly after giving birth to her son, and she talked openly about the experience.

Leva joined the cast of Southern Charm in season 7, and so far, she and the other cast members stand out significantly. As a friend of Cameran Eubanks, Leva has been a part of Southern Charm since season 1. Leva frequently offers insight into the love lives of Shep Rose and Craig Conover while mainly remaining in the background.

The American reality television program Southern Charm debuted on Bravo on March 3, 2014. Seven socialites who live in the exact Charleston, South Carolina neighborhood are the focus of the Southern Charm show, which follows their personal and professional lives.

Leva appears to have lost weight, and viewers are interested in learning more about her, including her weight loss journey. 

Quick Facts 

Full Name Leva Bonaparte
Profession Model, actress, and reality TV personality
Known For Southern Charm
Marital Status Married
Husband Lamar Bonaparte
Kids Lamar
Nationality American

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss Journey On Bravo's Southern Charm

Leva Bonaparte revealed on Instagram that she was the victim of body shamers online. She even responded to body shamers on her social media post and handled the situation well.

Leva claimed in a post on her Instagram that she tells people it's acceptable when they think she appears overweight on TV and that she still looks cute. She also urged readers to embrace the unique contours of their bodies in the same piece.

The Charleston mother said she shed "a good chunk" of weight through dietary modifications and exercise, but she still had some "stubborn spots" she couldn't lose. She then decided to meet Dr. Clayton Crantford, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and do some work.

Leva Bonaparte shared her weight loss journey on Instagram
Leva Bonaparte shared her weight loss journey on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

She was a little insecure, but that didn't stop her from advancing in her life. She added that it is evident and natural for women to experience physical changes after becoming mothers. But after giving birth to her son, Leva Bonaparte embraced the changes to her physique and liked how she appeared.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Leva provided additional information on her weight loss progress. She claimed to be a quiet, private person who regards one's body and emotions as extremely holy and personal. But she frequently receives comments from her fans and followers asking about her weight loss and her methods.

Did Leva Bonaparte Undergo Any Surgery For Weight Loss?

Leva Bonaparte, a cast member of Southern Charm, revealed that she had never undergone any elective surgery until she began her path to a new physique.

She has always cared about maintaining good food, exercise, and hydration. When she discovered she was having trouble getting pregnant, the issues began. Being in her mid-30s and not having children was stressful and uncomfortable.

She underwent several hormone therapies to address her pregnancy-related concerns. And as a result of these therapies, Leva put on 15 pounds. However, she was content with her weight increase because, thanks to treatments, she was eventually able to become pregnant and give birth to a baby boy.

Leva, however, made some terrible food decisions when she was pregnant. Leva Bonaparte gained 70 lbs. of weight during her pregnancy due to her pregnancy cravings. Fortunately, Leva was able to drop 3/4 of the weight she had gained during her pregnancy after giving birth to her child.

Leva said she found it difficult to reduce the additional weight she put on while pregnant. She consequently came to terms with that and continued to carry the excess weight she still couldn't drop. Her priority was not to drop half the weight she had gained.

How Did Leva Bonaparte Lose Weight? Her Health Update 

Leva claimed that a plastic surgeon also assisted her in "tweaking" her body in addition to diet and exercise for weight loss. Leva Bonaparte began exercising for 40 minutes five days a week. She altered her eating patterns and quit consuming carbohydrates.

Leva was able to reduce about 20 pounds after her efforts. Despite regular cardio and carb restriction, she didn't see the results she had hoped for.

 Leva was able to lose 3/4 of those gained weight in her pregnancy
Leva was able to lose 3/4 of those gained weight in her pregnancy ( Source : instagram )

Leva still had problems with her weight though she had lost some weight. She felt that her body had changed since she gave birth to her child and that there were still some regions of stubborn fat that she had been unable to eliminate. Leva ultimately decided to visit plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Crantford after she decided to see a doctor about it.

Leva initially approached her appointment with the doctor with great skepticism and apprehension. However, after seeing Dr. Clayton, she had no more concerns and felt entirely secure in his judgment. Leva added that she loves her altered body and new appearance.

Leva decided to undergo plastic surgery since she is happy with how her body appears now. The Southern Charm star, who is content with her body image, feels powerful. Leva is a great advocate of going after your instincts. Most of her supporters are with her in her decisions.

Leva Bonaparte In the Southern Charm Season 7

Because of the conclusion of season six of Southern Charm, Cameran decided to leave the program after fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis spread a rumor that her husband, Jason Wimberly, was having an extramarital affair with a nearby makeup artist. Leva joined the cast of Southern Charm in season 7 as a full-time replacement for Cameran.

With Kathryn, whom she intended to confront on the cheating charges, she quickly had her hands complete. But after a fiasco involving a monkey emoji, Leva had to "educate" Kathryn about racial concerns.

Leva Bonaparte joined the Southern Charm cast in season 7,
Leva Bonaparte joined the Southern Charm cast in season 7, ( Source : instagram )

Leva experienced a lot of pressure during her first season of Southern Charm because she was the show's first recurring cast member who was a woman of color. The restaurateur is also wed to Lamar Bonaparte, and they have a son named Lamar Jr. Fans noted how their lives were distinct from those of other cast members, despite Lamar's absence from Southern Charm for the most part.

Leva, who is 43 years old and older than most of her coworkers, was more preoccupied with her family and career than she did with any conflict among the Southern Charm actors.

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