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The hot and gorgeous diva of the television and radio personality, Lesley Visser has garnered a reputed fame from her spectacular presence and her extra ordinary commentary skills. She is one of the profound personalities of the media with her dazzling persona and her mesmerizingly outrageous good looks. Her hot and captivating outlook and her talents broadcasting of the sports events has made her one of the renowned and the best looking host of the television industry. She with her outgoing inspection of the sporting events and her appreciated analysis and reporting of the tournaments has created a signature style of reputation from her career and has been the sexiest diva of the media house. She has been associated with several of the networks and prospered her experience by getting linked with several of the famed networks like NFL. NBA, CBS and WFTL to name the few.


She felt her first verse of life in September 11 of 1953 in a small town of Quincy situated in Massachusetts of the United States of America. Being born in a family with decency in the United States of America, she holds the American nationality. She had the interest in sports from her early childhood. Having the enthusiasm to be in the field of the sports, she even used to dress up like sports person in Halloween functions. Her interest in the field of sports and being a part of it led her to inspire in being a sportswriter. Though, the time in which she grew up, the preferences went against her to carry out her goal to be a sports writer or an analyst. However, her supportive family background did not let her dreams fall apart and she was encouraged to be a sportswriter by the support and influence of her family. She studies in Boston College majoring in English.


She started off as a sport writer and analyst after the completion of her studies and went on to be employed in Boston Globe. Her inspirational accounts and the motivational illustration of the reporting famed her with Carnegie Foundation in the year 1974. While being in the profession for the network for 14 years, she was provided with the opportunity with the coverage options of College basketball, NBA tournaments, MLB, Tennis, Football, Golf and even Horse Racing. She did the coverage of New England Patriots and became the only female reporter as a NFL writer. She garnered honors from the network for which she dedicated her 124 years and eve achieved commendable response and appreciation from the mass and the media.


After her tenure in the sports writing, she moved on to join the television network called the CBS in the year 1983. She had the job responsibility as a part timer in her initial stage as an employee for the station and later in the year 1987 she went full time. She did reporting if the tournaments like NBA Finals, College Basketball that included Final Four, World Series, College World Series, Football, Horse Racing and W.S. Open Tennis as well as the Olympics. The divinely beautiful diva of the sports casting then was a heartthrob of the entire network and the mass that followed sporting events and she did coverage of almost every famous sporting event of different genres. Afte4r having the experience in the broadcasting of several forms of events she joined ABC network and the famous sporting channel called ESPN. She went on to achieve the first female broadcaster of the Super Bowl XIX for the network, ABC I the year 1995 and after three years she still was the only female reporter and coverage campaigner for Super Bowl XXXIV and Monday Night football. She has been associated with several of the sporting cannels and networks and still is engaged with the famous networks of the American television industry that focuses on the coverage of the sporting events.


The dazzling and undeniably the most beautiful diva of the sports entertainment Lesley Visser with her gorgeous face, hot physique and her scintillatingly slender and sensuous legs has been one of the sought after phenomena of the media industry. Being one of the famous and popular celebrity of the television she has huge fan following fro which most of them is men and she broke their heart by getting married to Dick Stockton who also belongs with the same profession. Her marriage with her husband took place in July of 2011 with Bob Kanuth after she divorced her former husband. More about her can be found in wiki.