Lavon Lewis Net Worth Compared To Fiance Evelyn Lozada

Lavon starred in the new reality tv show Queens Court
Lavon starred in the new reality tv show Queens Court( Source : instagram )

Lavon Lewis net worth is $1 million as a founder of Connect Branding and Marketing. Lavon makes his earnings as the creative designer.

The new reality Tv star made his debut on the dating show Queens Court which is available on the Peackshow show.

Before starting his journey on Tv, he gathered years of experience as a creative director.

He is also a professional speaker and an author who has published a book called Today is a great day for a wow image!

He and his fiance Evelyn Lozada met the show Queens Court. Recently they broke the news that they have been engaged since December.

Lavon Lewis Net Worth

Lavon Lewis net worth is $1 million from his multiple business endeavors. Lavon is the founder of Connect Branding and Marketing.

He enjoys innovating and evolving brands and worked on over 2,000 projects in his career which added a decent amount of fortune.

His work covers the entire lifecycle of branding from ideation to completion. 

He with his branding agency takes an average lowest price from $2500 to the highest average price of $30000 from one client to rebrand their company.

He during his vacation in West Indies where he did a trip to a Volcano Island
He during his vacation in West Indies where he did a trip to a Volcano Island( Source : instagram )

His career highlight is when he worked with brands like Amazon, Emmy's, Panasonic, AT&T, The Home Depot, NCR, and McDonald's, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He was once voted as one of Atlanta's top 25 rising professionals. Lewis has won over 50 professional marketing awards.

He earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University and a master's degree from the University of North Alabama.

Moreover, LaVon has degrees in both business and graphic design from The University of Alabama in Huntsville and Dartmouth College, respectively.

His Company Connect Branding And Marketing

Evelyn Lozada's fiance Lavon Lewis's company Connect Branding and Marketing, cultivates bringing clients and making their brand stand out.

The company has a yearly revenue of $18 million, according to ZoomInfo.

They put ideas and plans from their years of experience and put them to use to build skills and gain the trust of clients.

His company is now handling millions in branding projects.

The company believes in leveraging partnerships with its clients and welcomes them to one of the nation's premier agencies.

Evelyn Lozada Net Worth Is Significantly Higher

Evelyn Lozada has a net worth of $4 million from her television career. Evelyn was famous for the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives.

She accumulated her fortune when she started working as a secretary to an entertainment attorney and later became the co-owner of Dulce.

Her shoe boutique store is located in Coral Gables in Florida. The shoes in that store range from $300 to $1500. 

However, she is best known for appearing on the show Basketball wives. The show aired on VH1 from 2010 to 2013 and made a return in 2017.

Evelyn during her trip to Aurora Anguilla
Evelyn during her trip to Aurora Anguilla( Source : instagram )

According to the report from the sun, the ladies from that show took $7,500 per episode in the early days of its launch.

She has also written a novel with her brand strategist Courtney Parker in 2012 called " The Wives Association: Inner Circle." 

Lozada has also published other novels life The Perfect Date and The Wrong Mr. Darcy. 

She has also appeared in different TV series like The Mo'Nique Show, Big Morning Buzz Live, and The Insider among others.

Her career from being an actor to a reality star and now an author has given her the opportunity to grow herself in different industries and generate a good amount of wealth doing that.

Evelyn Found Lavon On Queen's Court

Evelyn Lozado revealed her romantic life with Lavon Lewis. Lozada and Lewis met when Evelyn appeared on a dating program.

Peacock's Queens Court featured Lozada, Tamar Braxton, and Nivea, and the women dated 21 guys in hopes of finding their Prince Charming.

Lozada and Lewis bonded in the second episode and developed their relationship into a marriage, according to PEOPLE.

In fact, each of the first three episodes of the show features a new group of men, and it's not until the season's halfway point that everyone who advances to the next round reunites.

One of the most hyped couples is Evelyn Lozada and Lavon Lewis. They have been engaged since December 2022

He apparently proposed on one knee on Lozada's birthday in December. The advertising agency noted that it is tough to surprise Evelyn.

They advised her to pack her belongings. She was blind-folded until she reached the front door. She went to approximately 20 close relatives and friends with the big "marry me' signs, flowers on the ground, and other such things." 

Queen Court premiered on Peacock on March 17, 2023
Queen Court premiered on Peacock on March 17, 2023( Source : twitter )

Lozada stated she had no idea her partner was about to propose. He was being really secretive, which upset her because she was such an alpha female.

Lewis lives in Atlanta, while Lozada lives in Los Angeles. Yet she claimed that he takes every opportunity to fly to visit her.

She had been married to former NBA player Antoine Walker for 10 years. They were engaged but separated in 2008.

She later dated Carl Crawford, the founder of 1501 Certified Entertainment and a former baseball star.

The couple had a son and were engaged before splitting up in 2017. She was also famously married for a month to Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson before divorcing him due to domestic abuse.

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