Lauryn Ricketts Announces She Is Leaving NBC To Join His Husband Eric Earnhardt

Lauryn Ricketts, News4 Meteorologist Announces She Is Leaving NBC T0 Join Her Husband Eric Earnhardt
Lauryn Ricketts, News4 Meteorologist Announces She Is Leaving NBC T0 Join Her Husband Eric Earnhardt( Source : nbcwashington )

Lauryn Ricketts, a meteorologist who broadcasted the latest weather updates to Washington DC residents, announced that she is leaving NBC 4 Washington to spend time with her husband, Eric Earnhardt, and son.

The weather reporter answered most viewers' queries regarding stepping down from her career. But unfortunately, she did not mention when she would return, leaving her longtime followers to wonder when she might start providing weather reports again.

Lauryn appeared publically on her Twitter and tweeted that she would be joining her husband overseas for his two years post. As a result, NBC 4 Washington viewers have had the privilege of glancing into her home lifestyle -from her wedding to parenting.

Lauryn Ricketts Resigns As Meteorologist From NBC4 Washington

Winchester native Lauryn Ricketts is a meteorologist with Storm Team 4 who resigned from her job as a weather reporter on NBC4 Washington. She announced during the August 21st broadcast that she was leaving the station for personal reasons.

Her last day on air as host of weather reports for Washington viewers will be next weekend. But, according to reports, she is not leaving the team for a new job.

Ricketts mentioned that she is leaving Washington to follow her husband, Eric, overseas on his new employment for the next two years. So, we will unlikely see her forecasting the weather for a few years.

The District of Columbia viewers benefited from Ricketts' weather forecasts and her other contributions. She was a former soccer player and coached the local kids in sports.

Laurny Ricketts Is Married To Husband Eric Earnhardt

The Emmy award-winning journalist Lauryn Ricketts married Eric Earnhardt on December 30, 2017. The couple organized a wedding ceremony at Brooklyn Arts Center, Wilmington, North Carolina, to commit themselves to share life as husband and wife.

Lauryn Ricketts Married Former Marine Corp Eric Earnhardt
Lauryn Ricketts Married Former Marine Corp Eric Earnhardt ( Source : marriedceleb )

Eric Earnhardt is a former Marine Corps Major deployed in Afghanistan when his wife was pregnant with his baby. The couple had known each other since high school and began dating in 2012 after encountering again at a friend's wedding. 

Ricketts's husband, Eric, is a Penn State soccer alum and former US Marine Corps Major. They became friends when playing soccer together during high school.

Lauryn Ricketts And Eric Earnhardt Are Moving Overseas

The weather news reporter, Lauryn, beckoned News4 viewers to watch her last broadcast for some important personal news. During her previous week's broadcast, she mentioned she would be moving overseas to pursue her husband's career.

The columnist said she would join her partner abroad for the following two years. Consequently, Mrs. Ricketts will not present weather shows for a few years.

Eric was stationed in Afghanistan throughout his wife's pregnancy. He left the Marine Corps in April 2016, started working for the Department of Defence, and moved in with his wife.

A native of Winchester, England, Lauryn was drawn to science and weather. During her childhood, she would always tell people that she wanted to be a meteorologist and weather forecaster since she was a young girl.

She completed her studies at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Virginia.  She has been covering weather news at broadcasting stations for almost two decades. She also worked as chief meteorologist at TV3 in her hometown of Winchester.

Lauryn Ricketts Net Worth

According to various sources, Lauryn has an estimated net worth of around $600 thousand. She earned this massive wealth through her successful career as a meteorologist and news anchor. 

As per reports, she earned an annual salary of $122,921 as an NBC meteorologist and weather news reporter. As a meteorologist see, make a reasonable sum through endorsements, sponsorships, and advertisements,

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