Where Is Lakefront Luxury Filmed?

Cottage Life channel show for luxurious building with a beautiful scenery.
Cottage Life channel show for luxurious building with a beautiful scenery. ( Source : tvguide )

Lakefront Luxury is filmed at Muskoka and Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada. The series was filmed by the lakes.

Lakefront Luxury is a reality show that helps many people to get their wishlist residence that has a beautiful infrastructure and breathe-taking view of the lakeside.

The reality show is a famous Canadian English-language reality show that first started to air on March 10, 2018. The show was aired on Cottage Life which offers a variety of programs.

The new episodes of the show will air on June 3, 2023 on A&E channel.

Lakefront Luxury 2023 Filming Locations

Lakefront Luxury 2023 filming locations include Prince Edward County and Muskoka District Municipality.

The new season of Lakefront Luxury is in production. The location for the new season of the Cottage Life series was picked a month earlier.

Allcasting is one of the casting networks that had issued a notice about the Lakefront Luxury show is going to be open for the new season, and they were looking for new cast members.

The network had announced that the casting would only consider local talents looking for real couples to take a look at properties around the lakefront.

The couple would also have to talk about the residences and give their opinion on the camera. The filming would take place over three-day blocks around the lakes of Muskoka Municipality and Prince Edward County.

The previous season of the show was also shot at Muskoka Municipality and Simcoe County. The location of the set for the show was especially at the Lake Rousseau area for Muskoka Municipality.

Simcoe County has a huge lake called Lake Simcoe. The show was shot at the lakeside of Lake Simcoe and also at Beaverton Town, a town on the east side of Simcoe Lake.

Lake Simcoe is famous for its recreational activities.
Lake Simcoe is famous for its recreational activities.( Source : instagram )

The lake of Simcoe has little commercial activity but has many recreational activities that the lake can be used for.

In summer, the lake can be an attraction for various activities such as fishing, jet-skiing, boating events, and many other activities. Due to that, the lakeside has many summer cottages for such activities.

While in winter, the whole lake freezes completely. So, the lake has also been used for ice skating and has hosted a huge number of ice fishing competitions. It is one of the most fished lakes in Ontario.

Plus, the lake has quite a reputation for its cleaner and warmer water. Due to that, there are many people who come to the beach for scuba diving. The visibility of the lake ranges from 30 feet to almost zero.

Comparatively, Lake Rousseau in Muskoka Municipality is not exactly popular. Though less popular than Lake Simcoe, it has no less scenic views than others.

The lake is surrounded by many cottages that date from the late 19th century. There is also the village of Rosseau which is one of the original summer resorts of Ontario.

Though there are fewer recreational activities available on Lake Rousseau, the view is just breathtaking. Even one of the presidents of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, frequented the lake for holidays.

When Does Lakefront Luxury Come Back?

Lakefront Luxury new season will premiere in June 2023. This new season of the real estate reality show is the third season of the series.

According to The Futon Critic, the show is coming back on television on Saturday, June 3, 2023. This new season will have a similar number of episodes that the previous season had.

The time slot for the series premiere on Saturday, June 3 is around 12 PM to 1 PM EST. The new episodes will air every Saturday with a slight time difference of half an hour.

Allcasting company has taken the responsibility of casting the cast members of the show. The couples will be provided CAD 200 per person for the shoot per day.

The show will premiere on June 3, 2023.
The show will premiere on June 3, 2023.( Source : instagram )

The three-day shoot will pay the couples a total of CAD 1,200 per couple. They will also be provided with gas for travel and hotels for accommodation for the night stay.

But the couples will need to travel the evening before the first shooting day of the show. The pair will also be allowed to stay at the hotel overnight, covered by the production.

Except, the chance will only be given to those who will have to travel for more than 2 hours to get to their destination.

The show production started on April 28, 2023. Though the show will premiere on June 3, the show will continue to shoot till June 12, 2023.

As the casting company had only asked for local couples, couples out of town could also come. But before that, they will have to be considered for the show by the producers.

Lakefront Luxury Has Had Popular Names On The Show

Lakefront Luxury is one of the shows on the Cottage Life television channel. That is why the personalities they bring to the show cannot be selected randomly.

Haley Pace is one of the lead contributors to the Cottage Life network show. The first season was directed by Bobby Janic. While Chris Thinn takes the credit for series writing.

Though most are couples, some of the cast have various relationship.
Though most are couples, some of the cast have various relationship.( Source : instagram )

The show had been produced by Joanne Virgo where she had produced 3 episodes of the show. Mike Sheerin is the executive producer of the show.

The cast member is one of the important aspects of the show. Though they only are on the show for a single episode, the cast members were happy with all the experience and accommodation.

The cast member of the second season includes Catherine and Niel, Jim and Jill, Rory and Karly, Don and Agnes and Andrew and Andrea.

Furthermore, the remaining cast includes Sandra and Eric, Matt and Melanie, Amy and Trisha, Jessica only and Mish and Phil.

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