Laci J Mailey Pregnancy Or Weight Gain? Chesapeake Shores Actress's Rumors Explained

Laci J Mailey who plays Jess on Chesapeake Shores is a mother of two children
Laci J Mailey who plays Jess on Chesapeake Shores is a mother of two children( Source : pinterest )

Laci J Mailey, who plays Jess on Chesapeake Shores, was not pregnant during the filming of Season 6 of the show. However, another Chesapeake Shores actress Meghan Ory was pregnant in real life.  

Laci J. Mailey, a Canadian actress, is most known for her television roles. She played Jess O'Brien in the Hallmark Channel family drama Chesapeake Shores and has a recurring role on the popular television show Falling Skies.

Thirty-one years old, Laci was born on November 15, 1990, in Fruitvale, British Columbia. 

Is Jess aka Laci J Mailey On Chesapeake Shores Pregnancy Or Is It Weight Gain?

Laci J Mailey aka Jess on Chesapeake Shores seems to have gained some weight, leading fans to assume if she is pregnant.

Laci J Mailey was, in fact, pregnant in 2019 and her boy Cash is three years old in 2022.   

Laci J Mailey loved her pregnancy and gave birth to her baby boy, Cash, in 2019.
Laci J Mailey loved her pregnancy and gave birth to her baby boy, Cash, in 2019.( Source : instagram )

The weight gains was followed by the birth of her baby boy as she is embracing motherhood on a full scale. Her Instagram is not usually active, but once in a while, she doesn't forget to show how grateful she is for having her new baby and child. 

On March 23, she told her Insta fam that she's given birth and put out a loving video of the little one with her father. A part of it says, "Born free." 

Similarly, on the other hand, her husband took to his social media and posted a picture with Laci and their son on the occasion of Mother's day last year. He wished her in a beautiful way with enthralling words. 

Now, it is certain that Laci J Mailey is not pregnant, but it's her postpartum weight gain. It is actually bizarre how soon a woman's body transformation should garner curiosity. 

Definitely, the announcement she made was lowkey which resulted in several sites talking about her pregnancy even after months of her delivery. However, the couple seems to enjoy this mild social media life. 

Chesapeake Shores Actress, Laci J Mailey's Husband Is Steve Bradley

Laci J Mailey has been married to her husband, Steve Bradley, for over a decade now.

If you scroll through their social media, you can find them being there for each other through thick and thin. From the childish phase to mature parents, they've done it all and how. It is an extremely beautiful journey to view it from the outside world. 

Steve is an actor and a photographer. According to his Linkedin profile, he is the head of video Production at Vish in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He calls himself a videographer, editor, emotional graphics specialist, creator of content, and video maker. 

He got his certificate in acting and films from Vancouver Films school in 2009. As far as his experiences are concerned, he has been a c camera operator for naked Nine films, an Independent filmmaker for Division 85, a Creative Editor for High On Life Enterprise, and more. 

Some FAQs

Was Laci J Mailey aka Jess on Chesapeake Shores Pregnant while filming on Season 6?

No, Laci J Mailey aka Jess on Chesapeake Shores was not pregnant during filming on Season 6.

Does Laci J Mailey have a baby boy?

Yes, Laci J Mailey have a baby boy name Cash.

Has Laci J Mailey gained weight?

Yes, Laci J Mailey had gained some weight following the birth of their son, Cash.

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