Who Is Kitty Brother In XO Kitty? Alex and Kitty Relationship Explained

Kitty is in search for her mother's past and meet her long-distance boyfriend.
Kitty is in search for her mother's past and meet her long-distance boyfriend. ( Source : instagram )

Kitty and Alex are not siblings in XO Kitty. Alex turns out to be Yuri's half brother in the series.

XO Kitty is an American Netflix rom-com about a girl who is an extremely learned master of love. Kitty who loves to set others with their one true love, is going out for her own love.

To connect with her one true love and long-distance boyfriend, Kitty moves halfway across the world to Korea. But she is not just to be with her boyfriend, but also to know more about her mother.

Her mother had studied in Korea in her high school days. Now hoping to shoot two targets with one stone, she has applied for the Korean Independent School of Seoul.

Who Is Kitty's Brother In XO Kitty?

Kitty doesn't have a brother in XO Kitty. Alex is Yuri's half-brother as he was born to Principal Lim and Professor Lee.

Kitty is the little sister of Lara Jean and Margot from To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Kitty was born to her mother Eve Song and Daniel Covey.

As her mother passed in her childhood, she doesn't have much memory about her mother. Whatever she knew about her mother came from her father.

In the series and the original movies, Kitty is shown to be a bit of a sarcastic and witty person. She is a more cheerful and easygoing person with a positive outlook on life.

Though she looked feisty, she always looked out for the happiness of her loved one. She was the one who sent Lara Jean's letter, which connected the pair. She was also the one a matchmaker for her father.

Now all grown up, she is in a relationship with her long-distance boyfriend. When rummaging through her mother's box, she finds that her mother had studied in the same Korean school as her boyfriend.

Kitty found that Alex was her half-brother.
Kitty found that Alex was her half-brother.( Source : instagram )

Determined and wanting to look at her mother's past, she is following the places her mother had been. During her visit, she sees a photo of a hospital that her mother had clicked a photo of.

Somehow, she manages to get inside the record information of the hospital and finds that she had a half-brother who was adopted by an Australian couple. She is caught during her venture.

But her professor Alex comes to her rescue. While returning back, they start talking about family. During that time, Alex talks about being adopted by an Australian couple.

Alex is the new professor of the KISS, where he teaches chemistry to students. Alex came to school to find his birth father in the hope of making peace with him.

She asks for his birthday and somehow, he has his birthday on August 12, 1993, when her half-brother was born.

Assuming that Professor Alex might be her half-brother, she progresses her conversation with him. At the end of their talk, she confirms that Alex is the brother she has been looking for.

Are Alex and Kitty Siblings?

Kitty and Alex are not related to each with any blood ties. Alex was born to Principal Jina and not to Kitty's mom.

Kitty still thought that Alex was her half-brother. But she had not spoken about it to the professor because she didn't want him to be hopeful only to turn out to be false.

During that time, Yuri was very suspicious of her mother as she always felt that her mother was hiding something. But she had not been able to find anything on her.

So, both Kitty and Yuri sneak inside Professor Lee's home office to find the yearbook. They open the photo of the time their parents studied at the school and find the picture of their moms together.

Kitty thought her mother Eve was pregnant during that year. But she only finds out that Yuri's mother Jina is the one who is pregnant. At that time, she finally realized the truth.

Like his reel life, Peter Thurnwald also comes from Australia.
Like his reel life, Peter Thurnwald also comes from Australia.( Source : instagram )

What happened was Yuri's mother, Jina was in love with Professor Lee during their high school days. When she was pregnant, she never told about her situation to Professor Lee.

When she had gone to the hospital, in fear of using her name, she had used Kitty's mother's name Eve as her name. Because she was only 16 when she gave birth to Alex.

During their time in high school, Eve and Jina were best friends and roommates. As she was afraid to use her name, Jina used Eve's name to evade the shame that she felt.

So, Alex was never related to Kitty by any blood. Rather he was the half-brother of Yuri who had no idea about such a thing before.

Who Does Kitty End Up With On XO Kitty?

Kitty ends up with no one at the end of the series. Rather she is stuck in a love triangle.

One of the reasons Kitty came to South Korea is to be with her long-distance boyfriend Dae. But Dae seems to be in a relationship with someone else when she came to Korea.

Though around the end of the season, Dae begins to like Kitty again. But Kitty seems to have started to bud a feeling for Yuri. When Dae meets Kitty, she tells him about her liking Yuri.

Dae does not take the news well. Later, when Kitty was in the airport, Dae calls out her name and tells her he still wants to be with her. But Kitty breaks things off between them.

Although hurt by Kitty's rejection, he accepts her decision to pursue Yuri. But he still has some hope that they may get back together in the future.

Kitty has been suppressing her feeling for Yuri for some time already. But no matter how hard she tries to not think of her romantically, she can't help herself.

Min Ho likes Kitty but Kitty likes Yuri.
Min Ho likes Kitty but Kitty likes Yuri.( Source : instagram )

After leaving Dae, she bumps into Yuri at the airport. There she tries to express her feeling for Yuri. But at that exact time, she is disturbed by Juliana.

Juliana and Yuri had a relationship before. Only due to Yuri's mother's pressure, Juliana had left the school. After her mother's approval, Juliana is once again back to school.

So, Kitty keeps her feeling for Yuri bottled up and boards the plane. But when she takes her seat, she finds Min Ho at her side.

When Kitty had just come to school, Min Ho didn't exactly like her. But due to continuous interaction with her, he begins to like her. He also suppressed the feeling but couldn't.

When Kitty told Min Ho that she had broken up with Dae, he finds this as his opportunity. So, without delay, he tells her about his feeling for her.

Kitty does get shocked by the sudden confession and is not able to think about what to do. As she is in for a long flight, it also gives her the opportunity to think.

But by the end of the season, Kitty never responds to Min Ho's confession, leaving viewers with a cliffhanger. What she will do is something we can only know in the second season.

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