Who Is Kier Spates Wife Laqueisha Spates? Junior From The Steve Harvey Morning Show Is Married

Kier Spates revealed photos and videos from his wedding on Instagram
Kier Spates revealed photos and videos from his wedding on Instagram( Source : instagram )

Kier Spates, aka Junior on the Steve Harvey Morning show, and his wife Laqueisha Spates got married in September 2022  in front of their friends and family. He shared the news of the wedding on his social media accounts.

Kier got married to his now wife in an intimate ceremony, much to a shock to his fans, surrounded by his friends and family.

Kier Spates is a well-liked comedian, entertainer, actor, writer, and producer best known for his role as "Junior" on the Steve Harvey Morning program. He was born in Houston, Texas, in 1973.

As a Texas native, Kier Spates built his comedy career while performing live throughout the globe and on television. Besides he has also performed in movies and stage plays. His passion for comedy goes beyond being the funnyman on the morning show.

Spates has his own voice, which he is trying to spread throughout the world through comedy. He has a real passion for making people laugh, which gives him joy. He began working on the Steve Harvey Show in 2011 and has been a part of the community for over 11 years now.

He is renowned for his lively and amusing remarks. On his journey to becoming well-known, he performed in comedy, stage plays, on television, and in films all around the world. Barbershop Blues (2004), 65th Miss Universe (2017), and 1st Amendment Stand Up (2004) are some of his other notable works (2005). 

Besides being a comedian, he has also worked as a producer on different avenues providing his input in a different way.  Currently, his fans are ecstatic for him following his beautiful wedding to the love of his life.

Who Is Newly Married Kier Spates Wife?

Junior on the Steve Harvey Morning show, Kier Spates, married his wife, Laqueisha Spates, on September 16, 2022. The comedian shared images of the wedding, which was attended by their close friends and family.

On this day in 2022, September 21, they legally got married. The abrupt release of the wedding images to the public caught all of his fans and followers off guard. The comment section on his Instagram is filled with messages from his fans, moslty congratulating the couple with some in shock and disbelief. 

The top comedy club in Richmond, Kier Spates made an appearance there.
The top comedy club in Richmond, Kier Spates made an appearance there.( Source : google )

Likewise, he captioned the pictures of the wedding: "I've got my girl! Mr. and Mrs. Spates! The conclusion, gentlemen." His wife is wearing a stunning wedding dress, and he is dressed in a sharp suit, which makes them both look just stunning.

“Junior” later shared their 23-minute-long wedding video on Facebook and on Instagram to provide further insight into their big day.

His wife, Laqueisha, looked beautiful with a custom gown and diamond earrings. She posed with her bridesmaids for pictures while celebrating and laughing throughout. Her bridesmaids wore teal-colored dresses while she radiated in white. 

Kier can also be spotted with his gang while getting ready as he cracks jokes and makes everyone laugh.

Kier and Laqueisha shred vows and rings in front of their friends and family
Kier and Laqueisha shred vows and rings in front of their friends and family( Source : facebook )

Kier Spates was born in 1973 in Houston, Texas, and is currently 49 years old. Details about the location of the wedding or the information on his wife is not yet made available; however, we do know that the two knew each other for quite some time before getting married.

Kier Spates Star As Junior From The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Kier Spates has 18 years of stand-up experience, along with the friendship of some of the best comedians in the show.

Spates's career peaked when he became a regular contributor to the "Steve Harvey Morning Show." Prior to appearing on the program, he shared stages with luminaries like Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Anthony Hamilton, Frankie Beverly, and a host of others to perform his comedies.

On the morning show, Kier provides rapid-fire comedy to the audience. He has his own uncut and hilarious segment in the show called, Truth Be Told. He can be heard on iHeartRadio broadcast along with the star-studded cast from Monday to Thursday. 

The bio of Kier Spates was featured on The Steve Harvey Morning Show.
The bio of Kier Spates was featured on The Steve Harvey Morning Show.( Source : google )

He shares a beautiful relationship with Steve as well as his family after being on his show for more than a decade. The friendship is strong and is evident. Despite so many endeavour under his belt, Kier believes that the best is yet to come. He is a force to be reckoned with and a gentle soul.

He appeared on "Rickey Smiley and Friends Show" in 2005. Along with the aforementioned activities, he has also taken part in military tours, such as USO journeys to Bahrain and Japan.

As per the source Simplywho, Kier has also dominated the stages on college campuses. His stand-up has found a home on the campuses of Texas Southern University, Texas A&M, University of North Texas, University of Southern California, and the University of Houston.

The performances have won praise from audiences across the country. Kier later launched Steve Harvey's Grand Stand-Up Finale comedy tour in 2012, at which point many critics named him "The Next Big Thing in Stand-Up Comedy."

Kier Spates Family Background

Kier Spates, also known as Junior on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, is a native of Houston, Texas. He was born and brought up by two incredibly loving parents, whose identities have been kept secret.

Aside from this, he is now fortunate to have a devoted wife in his life. We think that he will have a fortunate new beginning in life.

He has performed in comedy, stage plays, television, and movies all across the world on his way to becoming a famous actor.

Kier believes in his simple motto: Laughter doeth the heart good like medicine. He was brought up with a fierce Christian faith which he truly believes in. He was born with a talent for laughter, and he continues to share it with the rest of the world.

Family time is how Kier Spates spends his time.
Family time is how Kier Spates spends his time.( Source : instagram )

Kier Spates has appeared on television a lot over his career. Numerous of them, such as BET's "Comic View" and "Getting Paid" episodes, has gotten favorable reviews.

Additionally, he has performed in several well-known theatre plays. One of his most well-known pieces was "Confessions."

Millions of people hear his analysis on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, which is broadcast on more than a hundred radio stations. The program is rated as the best morning radio show in the country.

Some FAQs

Who is Kier Spates wife?

Kier Spates aka Junior from Steve Harvey's morning show is Laqueisha Spates.

Is Junior on Steve Harvey's show married?

Yes, Kier Spates aka Junior on Steve Harvey's show is married.

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