Who Is Ken Magruder? Greeley Central High School Teacher Arrested On Minor Abuse

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Ken Magruder, a teacher at Greeley Central High School, was arrested in connection with a child pornography prosecution.

Per the Greeley Police Department, a teacher from Weld County School District 6 was detained on Tuesday for supposedly having child pornography.

In December 2021, Yahoo! Inc. handed Greeley police a cyber tip.

As per authorities, the information came from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and stated that many child pornography photographs were exchanged from IP addresses associated with Weld County School District 6.

Kenneth Magruder was named as a suspect after officials initiated a criminal inquiry.

Greeley Central High School Teacher Ken Magruder Arrested 

Kenneth "Ken" Magruder, a Greeley High School teacher, is suspected of having child pornography in his possession. Furthermore, he was charged with two allegations of abuse of a minor, a Class 4 crime, on Tuesday.

Since December 1991, Magruder has been teaching at the Greenley Central High School and has also acted as Weld Country School District 6's stadium manager.

Reportedly, Magruder has been on administrative leave since December 20, when he was recognized as a perpetrator in the trafficking of child pornography photos. 

In addition, a LinkedIn profile of his name can be accessed, which has some information on his academics and career background. According to the page, Magruder served in the United States Air Force as a weapons specialist for over seven years.

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Age Of Ken Magruder

Ken Magruder's current age, according to many accounts, is 58 years old, implying that the suspect was born between 1963 and 1964.

Likewise, the teacher is said to be from Greeley, Colorado, in the United States.

Magruder graduated from Lincoln Northeast High School in 1982, according to his LinkedIn page, which suggests he was roughly 18 years old at the time.

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What Charges Did Ken Magruder Face On Minor Abuse?

Ken Magruder was arrested on two charges of sexual exploitation of a child and placed in the Weld County Jail on Tuesday. The accusations come from allegations that he had child pornography in his possession.

According to the agency, there is no cause to assume that any District 6 kids were victims in this instance at this time.

However, Greeley police collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security Investigations and school district security on the assessment.

Furthermore, Interim Chief Adam Turk has noted that any type of sexual exploitation of a kid is abhorrent behavior, but he is pleased with the job his detectives performed to bring this case to a conclusion.

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