Who Is Karlie Tuft From Newport? Girlfriend Arrested After Slashing Another Woman At A Party

Karlie Tuft ( Source : Twitter )

Karlie Tuft, a jealous girlfriend who thought her boyfriend was flirting with a friend on a night out, injured the buddy. After ingesting cocaine and drinking alcohol at a party in Newport, Wales, she mutilated Bianca Beaumont.

Gwent police took to Twitter to ask for the general public help in finding her. They wrote, "We're currently looking for 32-year-old Karlie Tuft, who failed to appear in court and was convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent at Cardiff Crown Court on 27th June 2022."

Who Is Karlie Tuft From Newport? Girlfriend Arrested After Slashing Another Woman

Karlie Tuft from Newsport is a jealous girlfriend arrested for alleged violence. She apparently injured a friend for trying to be flirty with her boyfriend at a booze party. The fight actually escalated after Tuft got high on cocaine.ย 

She accused the girl of modesty with her partner who now has been proven to be all fake. After the accusation, Tuft took a knife and disfigured her face in extreme anger. The attack was so frightening that apart from physical damage, she also got mentally wrecked.ย 

The woman who got hit is Bianca Beaumont from Wales. She has her face fully impaired with injuries on her nose, cheeks, and lips. According to the authorities, Karlie's boyfriend threatened the victim not to inform him about the incident to the police. He further added that he would kill her children if she ever intended to do so.ย 

Despite all the threats and fright, Beaumont, the mother of the kids, informed the police determined to give them the punishment they deserved for their actions. It has now been revealed that the couple has been put behind bars for more than ten years. This verdict was given in the absence of the culprit. She had been trying to run away from the police.ย 

Following cut wounds to her cheek, mouth, and nostril, Ms. Beaumont told Cardiff Crown Court that she worries that she may have permanent scars.

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Is The Culprit, Karlie Tuft, On Instagram?

The 32-year-old Karlie Tuft cannot be traced on Instagram currently. Just after the news blew, everybody intended to search for her social media presence, but all in vain. This has been linked to the deactivation of her accounts after the incident.ย 

It is obvious after whatever she's done, the public would not spare her, and her comment section along with inbox would be filled with abuses and offensive remarks. Hence this is usually what the convicted criminals do.ย 

Twitter is debating over the same thing. Katie conveniently got off the Internet world just to prevent all kinds of default online bullying from coming her way. Nevertheless, she is already going to be in jail now, and her social media presence is most likely to be halted for a few years now.ย ย 

Similarly, as she is running away from the police, it is easier when she gets out on the Internet, which makes it difficult to track her location. Karlie is playing smart with her cat and mouse game.

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