Kalil Pimpleton NFL Draft and Contract Details As Twitter Roots For The Football Player

Kalil Pimpleton, a professional football player.
Kalil Pimpleton, a professional football player.( Source : instagram )

Kalil Pimpleton is an NFL player who signed as an undrafted free agent with the Detroit Lions and has made headlines recently. 

Pimpleton is a dynamic player and has proven to be one of the strong suits in his previous teams. He is a Muskegon native and Chippewa standout who was the MAC Special Teams Player of the Year last season.

Kalil ended his Mount Pleasant career with 166 catches for 2,100 yards and 12 touchdowns, as well as 38 carries for 293 yards and five more scores.

Kalil Pimpleton NFL Draft and Contract Explored

Kalil signed as an undrafted free agent with the Detroit Lions on Saturday. Tom Pelissero, working on the NFL Network reported the news of his signing on Twitter.

Kalil pimpleton during one of his matches.
Kalil pimpleton during one of his matches.( Source : cmuchippewas )

Pimpleton is a talented player who finished his Chippewas career impressively. He ended the season with 170 catches for 2,131 yards and 12 touchdowns in the air, 39 rushing attempts for 299 yards and five scores on the ground, 48 punt returns for 567 yards, and two touchdowns, and 7-of-12 passing for 112 yards.

He was later selected to the all-MAC team as a postseason selection. He received MAC Special Teams Player of the Year honors in 2021.

The NFL player will have a base salary of $705,000 this year with a prorated bonus of $5,000 and a cap of 0.3%. He signed a three-year contract so he will have a total base salary of $2,560,000 with a prorated bonus of $15,000. 

He will earn a good amount of money during his NFL career and with the same level of gameplay and skills, he will be earning a lot more in the future.

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How Old Is Kalil Pimpleton? His Biography Explored

Pimpleton is an American football player who plays for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League. He was born on December 9, 1998, and will be 24 years old in 2022.

He is an American citizen because he was born in Muskegon, Michigan. Kalil stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. He went to Muskegon High School and graduated from Virginia Tech.

Kalil has always been interested in sports and becoming an athlete. He started gaining interest in football when he was in high school and started his career. It did not take long before he was acknowledged as a valuable member of the team. 

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Who Are Kalil Pimpleton Parents?

Kalil was born in 1998 to American parents. They raised him in Muskegon, Michigan, and encouraged his football career. His parents, however, are divorced, and his mother, Tawana, married his stepfather, Jeff Brown.

His mother, Tawana, was a cheerleader for the 1986 state championship team, and his stepfather, Jeff Brown, was an interesting player on the squad.

Unfortunately, Kalil hasn't revealed anything about his biological father. He appears to be his parents' only son, thus he has five sister siblings. The NFL player does not like to disclose much information about his personal life. 

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