Kairo Whitfield Girlfriend Alina Baber Is An Esthetician And A Model

Mecca Joie is the first daughter of Kairo Whitfield and Alina Baber.
Mecca Joie is the first daughter of Kairo Whitfield and Alina Baber.( Source : instagram )

Kairo Whitfield girlfriend Alina Baber is an Esthetician. Kairo Whitfield and Alina Baber had a baby named Mecca Joie Whitfield in July.

Kairo is the son of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Sheree Whitfield and a former American football star Bob Lectress Whitfield III.

Though he was still a small, shy kid when he was introduced in the Bravo TV reality show, now he is all grown up and has already graduated from his college.

Kairo is not only one of the reality stars and actor but he is also an aspiring model and musician. The son of the reality star completed his bachelor's from Morehouse College in 2020.

Currently, he is working for a Hollywood icon. Though the specifics have not been revealed with whom he is working, there are many guesses that he is working with BET star Brely Evans.

Alina Baber Likes Travelling

Kairo Whitfield girlfriend Alina Baber is the owner of A Babe Beauty Lash and Body Bar in Geogia. She also works professionally as a model.

Unlike Kairo, Alina is not involved in show business. But due to her relationship with Kairo, she has received some fame.

Television fame has resulted in many internet celebrities and stars praising her looks and abilities.

Not only is she sexy and beautiful, but she is also a very travel enthusiast person. From time to time, she likes to travel to different places to enjoy the view and the moment.

Alina likes to travel around the world when she has free time.
Alina likes to travel around the world when she has free time. ( Source : instagram )

During her travel, she has been to Paris, Dubai, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Aruba, Tulum in Mexico and Jamaica, according to her social media.

Within the United States, she has traveled to places such as Los Angeles, New York, Saint Thomas in US Virgin Islands, Las Vegas and Miami to enjoy fun time with friends.

This beautiful baby mama of Kairo has her photos on her Instagram account but there are not many details about her background or her family.

For this matter, she is very private about it and has not shared any information, details, or photos.

We do know that she works professionally as an Esthetician. And even started her shop.

Alina works as an Esthetician professionally.
Alina works as an Esthetician professionally. ( Source : instagram )

She has continued with her Esthetician business and opened a nail salon. The salon is for beauty, cosmetic and personal care.

The salon provides services such as Lash Extension, Body Sculpting, Lip Fillers, and Brows and training courses. The two-day training course costs $1,600.

Besides her, she has two other helpers named Treasure and Hannah to provide better service for her customer. Her salon is in Marietta, Georgia, and is open for Monday to Friday.

But before she opened her own business in Marietta, she trained herself at StyleSeat and remained with the establishment for some time.

Kairo and Alina Relationship Timeline

Kairo Whitfield and Alina Babaer have been in a relationship for more than two years. The pair has a beautiful child.

The couple has managed to keep their relationship away from the public eye. However, fans had assumed that he was possibly in a relationship.

In the Bravo TV reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kairo previously had a crush on his mother's friend Porsha Williams for some time. He had admitted to it.

The pair has been relationship for more than three years.
The pair has been relationship for more than three years. ( Source : instagram )

On Watch What Happens Live in 2017, he admitted he had a crush on her. Porsha had even joked about her becoming Kairo's Sugar Mama while he was still in school.

Though when Porsha became single in 2020, the middle child of Sheree, never made his approach toward her anyway when he still had a chance.

Many fans of the show now believe that the reason for Kairo's lack of proactiveness toward Porsha at that time was he was already in a relationship with Alina.

This would possibly mean that Kairo and Alina had been in a relationship for more than three years already.

Sheree Whitfield Is Now A Grandma

Kairo Whitfield baby daughter is named Mecca Joie. Sheree Whitfield has her first grandchild from her son as she revealed to People.

With the birth of Mecca Joie the previous year, the closeness inside the family has moved up to another level.

She adores her granddaughter very much and just gets excited seeing her when she smiles.

Every day for the Bravo TV reality star has been a special day after the addition of a new family member. The way Mecca Joie reacts with the her and the bond they build is cool for her. 

Gorgeous Glam-ma Sheree adores her daughter very much.
Gorgeous Glam-ma Sheree adores her daughter very much. ( Source : instagram )

Sheree loves playing with her, reading story books to her, and taking her to the park. But doing that, she gets pretty tired and that has been a new feeling for her. 

Now as an experienced grandmother, she is quite proud of her granddaughter, her daughter-in-law and her son. Especially her son, as he steps up to be a dad and takes full responsibility. 

The closeness she has with her granddaughter makes even her children feel a bit jealous but also happy for Mecca because she has such a caring grandmother. 

However, she rejected the term grandmother and classifies herself as a Glam-ma. So, she will let Mecca Joie call her GG, Gorgeous Glam-ma. 

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