Actor Julian Mcmahon Illness and Health Update After FBI Most Wanted Exit, Why is Jess Leaving?

Explore the illness of Julian Mcmahonwhose FBI Most Wanted exit has shocked the whole industry.

After March 8, Julian will be replaced by Dylan McDermott in the following episodes. Some fans have stated that if Julian's performance is not enough to keep them amused, they would no longer watch the show.

He made his acting debut in the soap series Home and Away when he played soldier Ben Lucini alongside Danni Minogue.

Julian Mcmahon Illness After FBI Most Wanted Exit

There is no official information about Julian Mcmahon's illness.

In future episodes of FBI: Most Wanted, William McMahon, better known as Julian McMahon, will limp away from his position as Special Agent Jess LaCroix.

Julian does not hobble about, although some of his co-stars and admirers think he walks strange.

He was recovering from back surgery in 2010, though. He came to Australia after his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

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Why Is Julian Mcmahon Leaving?

Most Wanted and Julian Mcmahon have discussed his departure from the program in favor of other creative endeavors, as well as the transition of my character Jess LaCroix, according to insiders.

These continuous discussions have provided them with the chance to plan a smooth and constructive exit for him from the program.

Julian essentially wants to go on to other things, which we understand. One happens all the time in the business of written television, especially with a program like this that has so many episodes every season.

About Julian Mcmahon's Wife 

Julian has had two previous spouses and has gone through the divorce procedure both times. However, it appears that the adage "third time's a charm" holds, since he is still married to Kelly Paniagua.

They had been dating for eleven years before marrying in 2014. Kelly Paniagua is a model with Portuguese and Spanish ancestry. In terms of age, she is nine years younger than he is.

Julian and Brooke Burns began dating in 2003, two years after Julian's divorce from Brooke Burns, who he had married for barely two years.

Details On Julian Mcmahon's Family

McMahon was born in Sydney, Australia, on July 27, 1968. In the early 1970s, his father, Sir William McMahon, was Prime Minister of Australia.

Lady Sonia, his mother, worked as an attaché for fashion entrepreneur Yves St. Laurent. Melinda, his elder sister, and Debbie, his younger sister, joined the family.

Although his parents were prominent members of society and McMahon and his sisters lived in luxury, his parents insisted on tasks for their children.

Julian Mcmahon Net Worth Revealed

Julian McMahon is a well-known and successful Australian actor who has a net worth of more than $16 million.

Julian attended Sydney Grammar Institution, a boys-only elite school where he aspired to be an army cadet and play rugby.

Despite having little interest in school, the singer studied law and economics at the University of Wollongong for a short time. He gained a reputation as a model in Milan, New York City, London, Rome, and Paris.

McMahon was working in Europe when his father died, and he returned to Australia for burial. While in Australia, he appeared in multiple Levi's commercials, which helped him land a role on Home & Away.

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