Julia Haart Bounces Back With A New Business and Startup Haart Sphere, What Does It Do?

Julia Haart attended the Broadway opening night of
Julia Haart attended the Broadway opening night of "A Christmas Carol" at Nederlander Theatre on November 21, 2022 in New York City. ( Source : co )

Julia Haart shared about her business Haart Sphere in one of the episodes of My Unorthodox Life. Julia is a businesswoman.

She has started to work on her plans following her firing from her previous job at Elite World Group. 

Julia and her family's life are featured in My Unorthodox Life. The series was nominated for the award and came with a season 2 on Netflix on December 2, 2022. This time, it shows the story of Haart's family, where Julia has to learn how to balance her divorce and growing business. 

What Is Julia Haart's New Business Haart Sphere And Who Are In It?

Julia Haart is the founder of her new business Haart Sphere. Julia plans to establish it with her daughter, Miriam.

In episode six of My Unorthodox Life, which surrounds the Haart family, Julia and her daughter and best friend revealed their plans for starting a new venture. While Julia seems to be back to square one in her professional life, she has not given up yet. 

She plans to start a tech company with the help of her close ones. Her daughter, Miriam, a computer science student at Standford, has developed a few apps and even created NFTs where all the profits go to charity. 

Julia shared how she got involved in metaverse and avatars when she joined EWG, but everyone thought she was doing something crazy and stupid until Meta announced it was meta. Later, people said that she was such a genius. 

While she has not clearly stated what kind of business they are planning, she said things about making shopping playful and experiential. She also said their metaverse is friendly to those who need help understanding blockchain, Bitcoin, or how avatars are made. 

Batsheva Haart, Binyamin Weinstein, Robert Brotherton, and Julia Haart in My Unorthodox Life season 1
Batsheva Haart, Binyamin Weinstein, Robert Brotherton, and Julia Haart in My Unorthodox Life season 1( Source : imdb )

While discussing their plan with Miriam, Robert, Robert Brotherton, and Robert Zaffiris, she talked about how they have a clear concept and all they need is a business plan.

Miriam also added that the technology they are planning to have in Haart Sphere does not exist anywhere, and she has a lot of work a the end and has to patent every technology they come up with. 

When Robert asked if Julia had told any about her plans or any other children of hers, she said that it was just Miriam who knew since she is ambitious and she wanted to give her a chance to her daughter. 

Thus, Julia would be the CEO, Miriam would be the CTO, Zaffiris would be CFO, and Robert would be the COO. All of them would be owners of the business. In addition, Miriam's girlfriend also plans on asking for a job in Heart Sphere from Julia. 

Julia Haart Was Fired From Her Last Job In Elite World Group

Julia Haart was fired from Elite World Group after separating from her former husband. Julia's ex-husband was a co-owner.

According to the complaint she filed in court, her ex-husband, Silvio Scaglia, is a liar and a fraud. She claimed that her husband asked her to take the role of CEO in World Elite Group and, in exchange, offered her that EWG would pay 2% of its revenue to FGH, where Haart would have 50 percent of ownership. 

Trusting her husband, Haart gave all of her efforts to the company without any direct salary or employment contract. She increased its value from approximately $70 million in 2018 to $700 to 1.1. billion in 2021. 

However, she was unaware that Silvio had complete control over FGH's bank accounts and money. He even spent $1.5 million from the account where Haart's salary was deposited was paid from EWG. 

Julia Haart and her former husband Silvio Scaglia in season 1 of My Unorthodox Life
Julia Haart and her former husband Silvio Scaglia in season 1 of My Unorthodox Life ( Source : knews )

Still unaware of her husband's fraud, Haart asked for a divorce because of personal problems in their relationship, but they had decided to remain business partners. 

But, on February 2022, Haart discovered that Silvio had been ripping her off her money, thus; asking him to end their partnership as well. 

She found out that her partner had been funding his lifestyle with the money she was making by working hard for years. Thus, she decided to go through the traditional divorce process, which also resulted in freezing all of their assets. 

Both are engaged in a legal battle where Silvio even accused his former wife of stealing and embezzlement from EWG. In contrast, Haart insisted that he had been abusive by belittling her throughout their marriage. 

While the legal battle is yet to conclude, Cinemaholic wrote that a judge has recently ruled that the former firing stands as she does not own half of FGH but reportedly owns 49.9995957%.

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