Who Is Elizabeth Scherer? Wikipedia Bio And Husband Of The Florida Judge

Judge Elizabeth Scherer overseeing the Parkland School Shooting Trial
Judge Elizabeth Scherer overseeing the Parkland School Shooting Trial( Source : foxnews )

Judge Elizabeth Scherer is an American circuit judge, equestrian, and advocate lawyer. Scherer is a circuit judge for Florida.

Governor Rick Scoot appointed her on December 2012, replacing retired judge David. She was re-elected, winning a six-term that expires on January 4, 2021.

She is mainly known for the Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz's case and was also an assistant to Broward State Attorney. In September 2022, she Irate as Defense Abruptly Rests in Parkland School Shooting Trial.

Let us learn more about the circuit judge, her life, her age, and her Reddit controversy regarding the Florida case.

Elizabeth Scherer Is Married To Her Husband, Anthony Merce

Elizabeth Scherer and her husband, Anthony Mercer, got married in 2002. The couple later got separated in 2003.

After her separation from Mercer in 2003, Scherer dated a cop named Charles Grady, who also had a bad reputation. However, she got back with her ex-husband, Anthony, in 2005.

After their reconnection, the couple had their daughter, Sophia Mercer. Florida decides, and her partner finally reconciles; however, quickly after, her husband is arrested for drug-related prices. 

Elizabeth Scherer took a selfie with her daughter Sophia Mercer in car
Elizabeth Scherer took a selfie with her daughter Sophia Mercer in car( Source : instagram )

Currently, she resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her daughter, who also enjoys horseback driving. She has uploaded many pictures with her daughter on her social media.

Scherer Is The 17th Circuit Judge Of Florida

After completing her graduation from the University, she served in the position of a Judicial Advocate and Lawyer.

She has also completed her internship at the Broward State Attorney's office. 

She was later appointed to the 17th Judicial Circuit for Florida State in 2012, replacing Judge David Krashen. She was re-appointed for the position and is best known for the Nikolas Cruz shooting case.

Apart from being a judge, she is also a professional equestrian and has shared photos with horses on social media. Moreover, she focuses on her law career.

Elizabeth Scherer at Fox Lea Farm with her horse
Elizabeth Scherer at Fox Lea Farm with her horse( Source : instagram )

She was named the Judicial advocate for 2013 while working as a Catholic school volunteer faculty member.

She is The Daughter Of Businessman Father

Elizabeth Scherer is the daughter of her father, Bill Scherer, and mother, Anne Scherer. She is a part of a joint family.

Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a housewife. She is close to her family and likes to spend time with her family.

Elizabeth Scherer with her father and her whole family
Elizabeth Scherer with her father and her whole family( Source : instagram )

She is not the single child of her family. She has two brothers named John J. Scherer and William R. Scherer.

She was born on June 1976 and is currently 46 years old. She grew up in Florida with her siblings.

She has completed her master's degree from Florida State Univeristy and earned her bachelor's degree in Law from The Univeristy of Miami.

Elizabeth Scherer Has A Net Worth Of $1.5 million

Judge Elizabeth Scherer has a net worth of $1.5 million. She has managed to collect the income from her primary career as Judge.

She gets a good salary package and extra allowance from her circuit judge job. Apart from her career, she also makes money from the equestrian profession.

She is famous for making fair Judges who started trials against the State Department for Children.

According to her court bio, she also serves on the boards of directors for both St. Anthony Catholic School Friends For Education and Voices For Children. 

She was named a judicial advocate of the year in 2013 and is a volunteer faculty member at the school.

She is An Active Instagram User

Elizabeth Scherer is active on Instagram and has 27.9k followers. She has 510 followings.

She has 38 posts on her account. She mainly posts a picture of her family on her Instagram.

Her boi says,"FLORIDA CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE??‍⚖️ MAMA BEAR ? FSU ? Alum, UM Law school GRAD, ??? EQUESTRIAN, Sister, daughter, & “Mama Pia” ❤️"

Elizabeth Scherer official Instagram account
Elizabeth Scherer official Instagram account( Source : instagram )

Elizabeth Scherer Florida - Reddit Controversy

The Florida Circuit Judge has recently gained a lot of attention on Twitter due to the current trial of Nikolas Cruz, but she had already been on fire in 2014 due to a Reddit Controversy.

Her appointment for a necessary trial of a school shooting involving many victims out of the blue made netizens criticize her appointment due to her connections, her father, Bill Scherer.

People on Reddit started talking about how her father was a Republican fundraiser who supported Rick Scott’s early Broward a long time ago. Bill’s contribution and their connection were the reason for her appointment as a judge for the trial, as per Reddit posts.

The controversy eventually died down, but it occasionally resurfaced as the case trial from 2014 was not yet held. Finally, Scherer gained some positive feedback about the problem starting in 2022.

However, Twitter still needs to accept her as a capable and experienced judge suitable for handling the case of Nikolas Cruz.

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