Who Is Juan Minujín Esposa?

Laura Minujn is the stunning wife of Juan Minujn, an Argentine film director and actor.

Laura is a kind and supportive wife who has always been there for him, even when things have been difficult.

She constantly encourages her spouse to make good decisions and continues to be a strong supporter to boost his self-esteem.

On the other hand, Laura's personal life and job are largely unknown, except that she is a psychotherapist. 

Juan Minujín Married Life With His Esposa

Juan and Laura were married in 2003. The pair have been married for 19 years, and they appear to be stronger than ever.

They had to travel a long distance to become a relationship before starting a family. Laura tried to be casual about her when they met, and she ended up hooking up with him.

They became friends subsequently, and seven or eight years later, they began dating.

When it comes to Juan Minujn's children, he has two with his wife, Laura Minujin. Amanda Minujin and Carmela Minujin are their children's names.

Laura's personal information is kept hidden from the public eye since she chooses to save her life low-key and private, and she is unavailable on any social media.

Know About Juan Minujín 

Juan Minujn is 46 years old at the moment. On May 20, 1975, he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's been performing since 1994 and has a lot of expertise and recognition to his name.

He rose to prominence in the Argentine film business after acting in "2 + 2," the country's highest-grossing film in 2012.

"A Year Without Love," in which he played an AIDS-stricken sadomasochist poet, was his first main part in a film. Since then, he has been working nonstop on around 20 independent projects.

Juan Minujn, a well-known actor, is reported to be worth $1 million. However, his exact net worth is currently under examination and is only an estimate.

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