Obituary: Joshua Hudnall Of Hawthorne Florida

The obituary and memorial event for Joshua Hudnall was held in Baldwin Family Cemetery in Ocala, Marion County, Florida, USA.

Moreover, on August 22, 2018, the Hawthorne, Florida native, died at the age of 27. Guenevere and Ruby Grace, his younger sisters, grew raised alongside him in Alachua County.

Joshua was stationed in the US Army in Iraq at the time of his father's assassination. On June 9, 2011, his father, William, was discovered dead at his Hawthorne home.

Guenevere, Joshua's 19-year-old sister, had murdered her father by stabbing him to death with a pickaxe.

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Autopsy Report: What Happened To Joshua Hudnall?

Joshua Hudnall, just 27 years old, was discovered dead in his truck on August 14, 2018, not long after telling the 'Evil Lives Here' team about his family's terrible background. As per his autopsy report, Joshua perished from liver failure. 

On Evil Lives Here, Joshua remarked about how it caused him a long time to be able to talk about his mother's heinous crimes, and how she continued to dominate his life during that time.

Joshua died tragically soon after testifying on the television about Stephanie Hudnall's devious tactics.

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Evil Lives Here Aftermath

Joshua said on Evil Lives Here that his father was frequently busy during his childhood. Stephanie Hudnall was the primary caregiver for Joshua and his two sisters, Guenevere and Ruby Grace.

Moreover, he characterized his mother as a "great manipulator" who kept the children at a "safe distance." He remarked that she was worried about how the world saw her, but that behind closed doors, she was an entirely different person.

In contrast, Stephanie and Guenevere Hudnall were reputedly convicted of 40 years in jail for second-degree murder.

Joshua went to see his mother and sister in prison to find out why they committed it, but he was never able to figure out why they did it other than to get money from his father's government payments.