Josh Tito and Hayley Holt Could Be Pregnant Again In 2022, What Is Her Relationship With Josh Thomson?

People are curious about Hayley Holt's pregnancy again. Learn more about Holt in this article.

Hayley Holt was a former snowboarder and ballroom dancer who now works as a sports reporter for New Zealand's 1 News At 6 pm.

She co-hosted a networked breakfast show on More FM from 2012 to 2013 and co-presented TVNZ Breakfast with Jack Tame and then John Campbell from 2018 to 2020.

She was previously known for her participation on various reality television programs and co-hosting a networked breakfast show on More FM. In the 2017 general election, she ran for the Green Party.

Are Josh Tito and Hayley Holt Pregnant Again In 2022?

The presenter, Hayley Holt, has kept her pregnancy a secret. Holt describes 2021 as a "finding in absolute pleasure" after overcoming the pain of her son's tragic death.

After a difficult 18 months in which they lost their stillborn baby Frankie Tai, Holt and her husband Josh Tito's life are brighter and happier now.

Hayley was six months pregnant on April 25, last year, after a difficult 18 months in which they lost their stillborn baby Frankie Tai.

Hayley told Woman's Daze, "The year 2021 has been a surprise in pure delight."

As a result of her newfound happiness, Hayley believes that others must acknowledge that she can go on in life after a sad loss.

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Who Is Hayley Holt's Husband?

Josh Tito, Hayley Holt's husband, is her life partner. Hayley Holt and Josh Tito met as friends in 2018, and their connection blossomed into a love relationship a year later.

When the good news of her pregnancy first became known, she had not revealed the father.

Josh and Hayley agreed to be co-parents for the child at first, but as they spent more time during the pregnancy and Covid-19 lockdown, the couple fell in love.

The couple considered buying in Auckland initially, but the hefty housing prices prompted them to explore elsewhere.

Explore Josh Thomson Relationship

Josh and Liz are thrilled to finally see their "beautiful baby," Soana, after three terrible miscarriages. 

Josh Thomson is better known for his quick one-liners and self-deprecating humor, but he's also a tremendously emotional man who isn't hesitant to shed a tear or ten.

And that's exactly what he accomplished in April when he and his wife Liz received their first child, a lovely baby girl named Soana Ann Rose.

Josh admits he's only recently been able to say it out loud because it's such a significant name.

Soon after their 2014 wedding, which took place on the farm where Josh grew up in rural Timaru, surrounded by their friends and family, including his father David, the pair began trying for a child.

They both claim that their shared love of performing is the bedrock of their relationship.

Liz, a Dunedin native, has also appeared on screen and stage but now works in the production side of filming, keeping an eye on continuity.

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